Jan 17, 2010

Good news and not so good news...

Good news! EJ had an appointment with his speechy - and she told me she rang centerlink AND had been in contact with EJ's Occ Therapist - looks like the GP did some stuff wrong on the forms so I need to reapply - I SHOULD be elligable for a carers allowance for EJ.

Good news! EJ starts his sessions with the Psychologist next week!

Good news! EJ can tell the difference between male and female! :)

Not so good news: this morning I washed Milly's hands and face and she screamed and screamed, "Ouchie Hands! Ouchie hands!" - I looked at her puffy, red, angry hands and saw splits and weeping all over them. :( Poor little tike. Looks like it isn't the water.

I took her to the doctors today - and he has perscribed some stronger medicated creams for her excema and dermatisis.

Not so good news: The doctor also wanted her to have a blood test. So off we go to the nurses station. And it was the most harrowing experience I have had since EJ was pinned to the bed while they stitched him up. I had to hold her legs and her arm while the other two nurses held the other arm and tried to find veins.

Not so good news: Milly has veins like her grandmother and mother. Impossible to find and impossible to get blood from. This is why I refuse blood tests while pregnant - it's just too traumatic for me while they try and find a vein and then try and get blood from said vein. They recommended we take her to INVS, but I am going to sit on it for a while. I know it will help in finding what she is allergic to, but if we can just stay on top of the condition, maybe we can do the blood test later when she understands more. We'll see. I just can't do that to her again. I was on the brink of bursting into tears myself while I sang to her and tried to console her.
I think I might try and do more documentation and try and see if I can work out the allergy myself. I would rather take the time to do it that way instead of trying to get blood from a stone... because that's what it's like!!!!

Good news! I survived today. Milly survived today. I have three beautiful children and a wonderful husband. These things are nothing compared to the suffering that other people have to endure. I am incredibly blessed and so lucky to have such a wonderful family.

xxx Skipper

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Renata said...

I hope you can sort that out with Centerlink.
That blood test sounds terrible. I always hated it when they have to take blood from my kids (although thankfully they have easy veins). Hope you can sort out what is causing this sooner rather than later.