Jan 8, 2010

Breakthrough in the grooming department.

EJ has always had problems with getting hair cuts. He has freaked out, ever since I can remember. Screams. Cries. Shakes. Melts down like a professional.

Since the beginning of December I have been saying "EJ you need a haircut. It's so long and messy!"
"I don't want to. I don't want a hair cut." was his response.

Today I looked at his thick, untidy hair and made a snap decision: the time had come, that boy was getting a hair cut. I told E to go get undressed and get into the bath (my hair salon)...
He protested... then stripped off.
"You will be nice and cool, son, when your hair is shorter."
"You will look so handsome!"
I kept reassuring him as I got the stuff out and he climbed into the bath. I have him the hose - since I knew that his issues with the cut is his absolute abhorence of the cut hair on his skin. He calmly stood in the bath, rinsing his body of the hair while I clippered his hair. As I ran it close to his left ear, he started to protest. "No more!!"
Then out came the scissors as I styled it and made him into the dude he loves to be. He stood quietly and let me do it.

This is the first time he has not screamed blue murder during a hair cut. This is the first time he has not trembled violently while I attempted to cut his hair. This is the first time he hadn't fought me and refused to let me cut it.

This is seriously a miracle. I gave the boy a hair cut and he is happily sitting on the couch with an amazing hair cut and a smile on his face. I have my full hearing - because of lack of screaming and all is happy in the Skipper household!

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Renata said...

So pleased it all went well. It is so difficult to cut hair when the child is fussing - the twins used to be terrible. Sitting in the bath is a great idea - although I use clippers, so probably not the best with water in!
Enjoy your beautiful family
Renata :)