Jan 20, 2010

What's Milly up to?

"I'm Mimished" - (I'm finished)
"Good morning!" - (I don't want to go to sleep/I'm awake now.)
"DUCK!" - (anything with feathers)
"Asper" - (Jasper the cat)
"Choc-o-let" (Chocolate)
"Lunch." (bread)
"No pick up." (I don't want to tidy up my toys)

Milly has picked up language well and is talking in very well formed sentences. She still tends to speak in third person. Milly wants, apple for Milly etc. It's rather cute!

Her toilet training is coming along well. She is communicating when she needs to go and goes. Still having a couple of accidents in the day - and still in nappies during naptime and bedtime, much to her indignation.

Milly is very clever, and has ways of getting what she wants. If EJ is pushing her around or not giving her something she wants, she has learned that if she screams at him at the top of her lungs, it startles him, upsets him, he drops the item in dispute and runs to me crying. She calmly picks up the item and toddles off to play. I know it's horrible for EJ, but I still think it's rather funny!

Milly says her ABC's all the way through. She loves it. She loves letters, numbers and books - just like her siblings. She loves In the night Garden. She loves Bunny. She loves going out - she doesn't like being housebound. The other day she grabbed my car keys and said "Common Mum. Go out!" So I took her out to do the grocery shopping. :)

Milly is quite shy around groups of people she doesn't know, but very extroverted with the people she DOES know. When we went to my nephews birthday party, she was stuck to my side with superglue until she saw my Mum. She refuses to speak to people she doesn't know, but is very affectionate and friendly to the people she does know well.

She's a sweetie. Such a joy to our family. Stubborn like her father - my kind of stubborness is more vocal - but she just quietly digs her heels in and does what she wants anyway. Reminds me of my bestie, Bec. Just digs her heels in and sweetly smiles and goes ahead and does whatever. Milly is hard to discipline because she takes it so personally. If you growl at her, she sulks, cries and wants the other parent who hasn't offended her greatly. My heart breaks everytime I scold her and she bursts into tears.

Anyway - that's Milly at 2 years and 1 month.

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Donna said...

Oh Skip, Milly sounds just adorable. I think you should make some more of her :P


Srsly tho....you should! :D