Jan 6, 2010

Say it where???

Mop received a joke book and a knock knock book for Christmas. For the last 6 months we have been enduring made up jokes - which were just not funny. She didn't understand what makes a joke funny - how to be clever with words. So we decided to educate her in the ways of jokes.

Big mistake.

Our whole entire holiday she wanted to read out jokes.

"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."

Ok so it's good that she finally got the concept... but seriously.... I was over jokes by the 50th one.

"No more jokes today now Mop! Enough!"
Mop stared at me, surprised that I didn't enjoy them as much as she did.

EJ pipes up "You say them in your hair, Mop!"

Now THAT'S funny!!!

"I think you meant 'say them in your head sweet boy.'"


Shelli said...

ROFL! Miss A got a joke book for Christmas too and she takes it in the car to torture us. The ironic thing is that I remember doing the same thing to Mum and Dad... d'oh!

Renata said...

Oh he is just adorable!
Zai was constantly telling jokes for a while there as well! It does get painful after the 50th time!