Jan 1, 2010

It works!!

You may remember that we are in the process of putting a swimming pool in our backyard - mainly because EJ's OT said that it would be good therapy for him. It was a bit of a gamble, because we couldn't take EJ to any public pool to test out if this would be effective therapy or not. So we took the risk and went ahead with it.

This Christmas break we went to a caravan park that had a swimming pool in it. EJ was in there morning, afternoon and evening. Three reasonable swims a day. Even though we were in an unfamiliar place - which normally sends him over the edge very easily, he was calmer than I have ever seen him to be before in my life. He coped very well with everything we threw at him. We even took him to a bowling alley with very loud music and lights flashing everywhere. He bowled brilliantly and coped excellently - he started to tick towards the end, but we went back and jumped in the pool and that cured him of that!

When we came home - the relaxing effects of the pool started to wear off. Yesterday he had a meltdown. He was ticking, irrational and very on edge.

Daz is out at this very moment, getting the stuff together to put the pool up. We are hoping to get a majority of the ground-work done this weekend!

It's so exciting to find things that are helping him relax and cope with life. He's going to love having a pool in his own backyard and I'm going to love the effects it has on him! :)

Here is E - taking time to smell the roses....


and laughing when the pollen goes up his nose...



Melissa said...

Oh, how wonderful that you have found something that helps. :-)

You'll have to post pics of him having fun in his pool. I can't believe how much he's grown up.

A handsome young man you have there, Skip!

Shelli said...

Amazing that water can make such a difference, awesome!

My sister uses water to calm herself if she is stressed, she doesn't necessarily need to swim she just sits on the beach and gazes at the ocean. She says the hypnotic rhythm, sound, ebb and flow of the water soothes her.

Looking forward to seeing the developments!

Kylie said...

What fab news lets hope that going into the water on a regular basis will create a calm little man. Looking forward to hearing more.

Renata said...

I am so pleased that the pool seemed to work so well. Hope you get yours up quickly! What a lovely picture of E with the flower!