Jan 11, 2010


... Mummy boofed your car!!!!

(EJ to Daddy after I accidently reversed into DH's car that was parked behind me.)

Daddy: *chuckles* Yeah she boofed it didn't she? *grins at me*

Note to self: If one wants to boof a car and not have husband find out about it, don't boof cars in the presence of one's son.

Another note to self: Check the rearvision mirror a little more closely and look for a small white car - it may be significantly smaller than your 4WD, but still look for it, otherwise it will make it's presence known.

Another note to self: Do not drive when the caffine hasn't kicked in. Seriously. Too much blood in the caffine system can dull your brain.

One more note to self: Thank God that you have a husband who is so sweet and good natured and didn't tell you off for STUPIDLY reversing into his car. Thank God again for the fact that he is still chuckling about it and cuddling his duffer of a wife instead of being cranky.


I'm still feeling rather sheepish about this... LOL


Daph said...

ya boof head LOL...soo funny the way you narrated it too LOL...hope it wont cost too much to repair!

~*PaKaHaJa*~ said...

oh no.... At least it wasn't as stupid as me reversing into the pole on the carport in QLD, or the letterbox at Mum's. The amount of damage I've done to our car, no wonder it's off the road at the moment. hehe...
Oh and gotta love the kids telling Daddy everything..