Jan 3, 2010

New Blog Layout

I've been wanting to do this for a while - but haven't found the perfect blog template that is really ME. The pink one was very hard to read, and one of my dear readers messaged me this morning that she really struggles to see the words. So I thought I would change it.

Beware, it could change again at a moments notice. I'm not exactly thrilled with this one... and will change it as soon as something "SKIPPER" comes along or jumps out at me.

But for now... it will do.


Shelli said...

I quite like this layout! Nice and clear although I must confess that I usually read through Google Reader, I only click through to leave a comment :)

Melissa said...

I can read this one. :-)

I really hope you weren't upset.

Colleen said...

Well crud, i knew you had a new blog layout but when i changed mine today I didn't realize that it was the same as yours...im sorry hun. lol.

Skipper said...

LOL - it's ok Colleen - I don't plan on keeping this one for very long anyway - as soon as I find something better or more "me" I'll be changing.