Jan 26, 2010

I love EJ's OT.

It's official. I heart E's OT.

Today as soon as we arrived at the OT's - she set EJ up with lots of fun things to play with, then sat me down, with Centerlink forms - and said "Right... let's get you some financial help for EJ."
So she sat down and filled out the forms - writing lots of notes, naming lots of things like "Speech disorders", "Sensory disorders." and made note that he is seeing the psychologist and is on the way to being tested for Aspergers and Autism. So fingers crossed we don't get knocked back again. She said it would be helpful then to use the money for other programs and activities that help SPD kids.

Also she is going to be in contact with a colleague who specialises in SPD, and she is going to ask him to work with her in treating Elijah - so hopefully that will hold off him needing private OT's for a while. She is also going to look into programs and places for EJ to continue swimming and take classes, with people who specialise in special needs kids. All these wonderful programs and places that are available - that I just don't know about - she is hunting them down and making them available to EJ to help him as much as she can.

I find that because these therapists are seeing I am very pro-active and I follow all their advice, that they do everything in their power to make things happen for EJ. They keep saying to me what a good job I'm doing - and that really helps - because sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough for him. Know what I mean?

The OT said that the therapy he is receiving at home is making a very big difference - and commented on how happy and relaxed he was. EJ was having a cute moment and blowing bubbles all over, trying to make "tiny baby bubbles".

AND I took him to Bunnings afterwards to buy some glue. Lately if we go to the shops - and buy ONE item -he copes really well and there are no side effects. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Progress!!!!!! Small baby steps.

We are getting there.

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