Jan 11, 2010


Yesterday we went to see the speechie, to look at where EJ is and start some more concentrate and specific therapy to help his speech delays. The decision was made to start focusing on his inability to tell the difference between boys and girls and use the correct grammar: ie - He, she, hers, his etc. It's starting to effect his social world, because most kids are very indignant about being called a he when she is not a he at all!!

My relief came when she said to me that I am doing all the right things. I've been teaching him the right way - he just didn't get it, or was so uptight, wound up and over-stimulated with his senses - that part of him shut down and was unteachable. Mother's guilt is the most vicious part of parenting I think. Deep down I have been thinking: "You spend too much time on the computer. You didn't read to him as much as you did with Mop. You didn't do this... you didn't do that... it's your fault he has speech delays." To be told that I'm doing it right and have done it right (especially as Milly's speech is coming along so well) definately equips me with a rather large weapon to attack Mother's Guilt.

Another thing she said: "E is coming along in leaps and bounds. His speech is getting alot better!"

YAY for us!!!
YAY for him!!
YAY all around!!!

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~*PaKaHaJa*~ said...

oh that's sooo good to hear that things are coming along for E!!
And yes, mother's guilt is awful.