Jan 27, 2010

How does your dear son grow?

How does EJ grow? FAST.

Today was his first day back at kindy for 2010. He got dressed into his "uniform" (which is just a t-shirt with the kindy logo) - and the t-shirt was sitting on the top of his hips! He's shot up so fast and is so tall, that the tee that fit him 2 months ago is now being put away for Milly's use later on.

He's like a weed.... he's gonna be a BIG BOY! :) Good... I'll take him shopping with me and he can reach all the stuff on the top shelves. He's gonna be overtaking his 5ft 1" Mama soon enough.

On a side note, he had a lovely morning at kindy. He seperated well - he didn't cry and ask me to stay with him. I kissed him goodbye and then left, he waved cheerfully and was very settled. When I picked him up the kindy teacher remarked that he had really settled down - during quieter times - like story time - he was quiet, calm and still. This is very good progress.


~*PaKaHaJa*~ said...

That's soooooo good to hear that EJ had a good morning at Kindy, and that there were no tears. I don't know how Mum's cope when their kids cry when they leave. I'm just extremely lucky that James never has, and I doubt that Harry will..

Here's hoping he has an awesome term at Kindy, and keeps improving in the manner and speed that he is.. It's awesome to read.

Renata said...

Glad he went well & it's good they keep on growing...I think!!LOL
Guess what - I am taller than you by all of one inch! Must have been that Mt Isa water that stunted our growth (or something like that!)