Aug 17, 2008

Busy times and a new blog

Hi everyone!!

Well it's been a crazy few weeks as usual... I'll walk you through the family news.

Daz is Daz. Nothing to report except that he is working very hard, picking up extra work because I am pysically unable to do it.... more about that later. He's going well though which is good. Good news and a huge answer to prayer, his skin which was a mess a while back is looking really good. It doesn't look like he has Excema and psoriasis much anymore. It looked like he had burns and scars all over his body at one point. Poor guy.

Mop - developed a fear of the dark which I am told is part of settling down into school life. We made some Angel spray, bought some angel notepaper to write notes to the angels and a angel figurine (well Mum bought this for her) to remind her that she has angels looking after her and to chase the imaginary monsters out of the room.
She has settled into school life well. Her teacher is pleased with her progress and she is flying through reader levels at a fast pace. She enjoys school and playing with all sorts of new friends.
She recently came home with "gold priveledge" which is for excellent behaviour - she is off on an excursion and has a present and I think casual clothes. I'm very proud of her.
Mop did have a bit of a rough transition. She started hitting and pinching other kids - but that stopped pretty quickly. Not that it excuses the behaviour, but she wasn't coping with people in her personal space. Line up time and floor time where the kids are all on top of each other seemed to make her hit out at others. She also refused to answer the teacher's questions so it made her think that Mop has no reading comprehension. I beg to differ!! The girl has a medical encyclopedia which she comprehends more than me!! So I had to talk to Mop about why teachers ask questions etc. Seemed to have made an impact because she is moving ahead well.

E - at the moment he is in his room having a meltdown. The first meltdown we've had for a while. This week his language skills have greatly improved and he is able to communicate so much better. We have ditched the pram which he hated and shopping with him is alot easier. We have rewards on hand to reward his excellent behaviour.

Milly - she is on all fours, rockin' and ready to roll. She can move her legs in a crawl motion (forwards) but her arms haven't gotten on with it yet. She is still surprisingly mobile and get from A to B easily.
Her words are "Mum-mum" "Da-Dad" "Nan-Nan" and "Bub-bub"
She squeals with glee and has huge gurgling chats to herself and to anyone who will listen. She is a true H child - talks and talks and talks!!
She knows who Mum and Dad are - because when she went to Daddy, she put her hand on his face and said "Dad-Dad" then pointed to me and said "Mum-mum" She's a clever clogs.
She is also sitting up!! She often falls over though because she is a mover and groover and headbangs and rocks. LOL

Then there's me.
Well... healthwise I am in a pickle. I have had a bunted wrist for a while and it's getting worse and worse. Finally got to the doctor and I am booked in for scans and stuff. The thing is I can't squeeze, turn, pick up, press, pull with my bad arm... which means it leaves me one handed. It's stupid and very annoying. Daz has had to pick up for me where I can't do it. Poor man.
Then there is my asthma... it's still out of control, so I am now on high level steroids to try and do something from the blood stream in to try help the tubes. It seems to be helping a bit. I also had a blood test this morning to check for pneumonia and other diseases... wonderful.

I've been working hard on my E-books and I am so proud of the ones I released today. Working with an editor, she has helped make them look soooo spiffy and wonderful. Today is the 4 month e-book and the spring cleaning e-book. The next e-book will be the annual one so I am working towards that as fast and as much as I can.

I am also making Christmas presents this year so I have been working on and deciding what I am going to make etc. I'm having a great time so far with creating and crafting. It's a fun busy!! :)

I also started a new blog:

This is a craft blog - so I keep all my digi scrapping and craft stuff out of this blog and just keep it to family life and news etc. And if you are interested in seeing what I have created, better bookmark this one to check out every week or so.

Well I better hop to it. I need to get drugged up again, and then get on with the day.

Love from Skip