Jul 15, 2007

You make me sick!!

It hasn't been happy days in this household this week. We have all been crook as dogs. It all started when the kids got croup - that passed nicely and quickly thankfully. Then within 5 days I came down with something. I thought I was going to die!! :) I have a respitory infection. Which in everyday language means everything from my nose to my sinuses are blocked so breathing is impossible. Then you cough a lung up every 5 minutes.
I had some pretty bad muscular strains from coughing and throwing up. Thankfully things seem to be looking up. I can breathe a little bit, the coughing has cut in half, and my bruising has healed up a bit. I'm still pretty weak, and I can't do much. I made dinner last night and it wiped me out!!
Daz has caught it now, so he's fighting high temps, the shivers, snotty nose etc. He's not been at work since Tuesday arvo.
E had a virus at the same time I was sick, and was pretty flat for a few days. Now he seems better.
Mop was very upset and started acting up, because none of us had the energy or good health to play with her. Poor little blossom. So Daddy went out with her yesterday and bought her a Lil Pony. She managed to escape with a minor cough.

So we really have copped it this week. Hopefully next week will be better.

So as you can see, a real barrell of laughs around here.

What else has been happening?? Not much...
Baby is getting bigger, and is kicking harder. I prefer this type of kicking as to the goldfish sort of flutter.
The low carb/ Low Gi eating my OB recommended is working wonders. I am 5kg under my pre-pregnancy weight.... I am supposed to be about 5kg over at the moment! :) I'm happy... If this keeps up, I'll be a skinny mini after giving birth! YEEHHAAA!!! :)

Mop has her 4th birthday in a week. We bought her a Fairytopia Barbie, 2 of her little friends and Guess Who the Disney version. I can't wait to play Guess who with her.... that will be a real blast from the past. We had Guess Who as kids... just the ordinary types.

Jul 2, 2007

Winter warmers

Well winter has well and truly set in. Today it was overcast all day long, it was cold, it was wet and it was windy. Did I mention cold? Apparently tomorrow the Arctic is going to blast in and it's going to be even wetter, colder and windier. I promised that I wouldn't whinge about it being wet because I am just so greatful to see the rain after so many years of drought. But I AM allowed to whinge about the cold.

But the best thing about winter is the things that we can warm the cockles of our hearts with. Mop asked me what "Warm the cockles of your heart" means...... ewww - that's a hard one.. can I call a friend? I tried my best to explain what it meant, but I think she concluded that the saying was quite silly....
Speaking of hard questions - the kids were in the shower last week and Mop asked me what the thing was that E wee'd out of. Daddy snorted and left the room chuckling, leaving me to tackle it. Thankfully she was content with just the name and it was left at that.

Now back to winter warmers. I LOVE SOUP!! I've been making a few soups a week just because I can. That's one of the best things about winter! My favourite soup is, and I have only ever had it once, was a tomato and bacon soup my Mum made once when I was about 14. It was divine. She hasn't made it since. And i have never attempted it, just in case I am dissapointed.
I have however been trying different soups and I put my findings on my website.

The website is going well. I was stoked to see that I knocked Martha Stewart off her position at number one on Google for "Domestic Guru". I'm getting a steady flow of visitors and though I have no idea who actually is following the system, I get the occasional email asking for help. So at least I know that someone is reading it and finding it useful.

The kids are going ok. Mop hasn't been well, she sounds quite croupy, but I think she just has a cold. She is enjoying lemon honey drinks because that's what Fifi from Fifi and the Flowertots made for Bumble when HE had a cold. Don't ask.
E - well I am surprised social services haven't taken him away from us. He looks like we constantly beat him. Yesterday he gashed his mouth, blood went everywhere. The day before that he fell over and his tounge was gashed. He has chipped his front tooth and this morning before 9am, he had blood all over me from another cut lip. His mouth is swollen.... not to mention the purple bruises on his head from constant bumping it. Poor kid!

His language is coming along nicely. Today he strung 2 words together "Na-na Yummy!" which means Banna Yummy. Just in case you were toddler lingo challenged. He sings Baa Baa black sheep and Twinkle Twinkel; and he sings parts of phrases, but he doesn't say them outside of singing, so who knows what he is doing. It's so cute though.
The two elusive eye teeth are through, the the other two are almost through. Thankgoodness!! They have been a LONG time coming!!

Mop and I are reading Charlottes Web and she is really enjoying it. She hasn't asked me what death is and why Charlotte drinks blood.... thankfully!! But she is enjoying curling up on Mummy and having a read when E is in bed.

Me, I'm fine and Dandy. My tummy seems to have grown overnight, and I am looking noticebly more round. I saw the midwife last week and I am 2kg lighter than before I was pregnant. I guess it's the low carb/low GI stuff I am eating. She says that's ok, coz I am not dieting. Fingers crossed I am 10kg lighter when I give birth! :) I am healthy, I am happy and all is going well. Thankfully the antenatal depression hasn't kicked in yet. Here's hoping it doesn't.

Had an accident in the kitchen last week involving a certain young man and polenta. Cut a long story short, E got between me and the stove and started pushing at me, so I pushed him away to protect him from being burned, and while I was doing that the polenta bubbled up like a volcano and burned about 2/3 of my hand. It wasn't bad, but it sure felt bad. The blisters have just healed up and are almost gone. I wasn't happy though. So no more cooking from now on when the boy is up and on the loose. Though today I fed him lunch while making soup, and that worked well. But usually he screams blue murder if I put him in the high chair while I am cooking.

Well it's that time of night, the part where I turn into a pumpkin. So I better go and save you all from that traumatic sight.... ;)

Catchya on the flip side.