Jun 27, 2009

Olivia Rose

Something wonderful happened in our family on Thursday. My Sister in law gave birth to the most beautiful Olivia Rose.


We went to see her today, making sure we were all the model of good health so we didn't make the baby and Deb sick. I got a cuddle, and I swear I got let down tingles!! The baby is so incredibly small and sooooo beautiful!


Mop had a hold, she was itching to get her hands on her small cousin and even complained that Daddy had a longer hold than she did!


Milly just stared at her in surprise but didn't want to get too close. LOL. Milly is no longer the baby of the family! E was quite lovely but he was more interested in pressing all the buttons on Deb's bed! :O Mop is talking about when she will see Olivia next and when she can get another hold. LOL
Daz had a cuddle, and he was the one that stopped her from crying, poor blossom. She settled in for a nice comfy nap until he put her back in the crib.


I think Olivia is perfection in a hot pink jumpsuit!!

Deb did amazingly well and coped with alot before Olivia finally made her appearance, including the after-effects of a car accident while she was 35 weeks pregnant. Deb looks quite good and is coping well after her c-s. Deb is such a relaxed Mum and so she will be in the swing of things before we know it.

Jun 24, 2009

On second thoughts....

... I'm not having surgery.

1. Everyone I have spoken to, and has had it done, said it didn't work.

2. I have a scar tissue problem - it would work with that, because I would get a build up of scarring and it would block the drains.

3. EVERYONE I have spoken to who has had the same ENT specialist has said that he butchered them, and he has you in his office for 5 minutes and recommends the operation. Looks like he is in it for the money.

So I am going to have to learn to live with acute sinusitus. So will go see another doctor and talk to him about management, rather than surgery. I'll need to get management under control before considering another baby anyway - because I can't do anti-biotics while pregnant. :) But... that is still a big IF.

... anyway....

The process with EJ is coming along nicely. I saw a Social worker today and she has given me some good practical advice to apply to help his emotional growth. The mental health people will help me with his anxiety or whatever is the problem there... if there is one. :)

I'm feeling very positive about it and I know that he is going to be a happier little boy, and I will be a better parent because of the help I am getting. My Mum is giving me alot of support. She helps me with him as well as encouraging me and letting me talk to her about this alot. When I have to go somewhere or want to go somewhere that E won't cope with, she looks after him. He happens to be president of the Nanny Fan Club, so he's happy! She's made the kids up their very own "Night Garden". In her yard she has a bridge, and around the bridge she has put little figurines from "In the Night Garden" - the kids LOVE it! I'm so blessed to have her.

Hmm what else is going on?
Study has wrapped up so I'm waiting for results and the delivery of my next course. The next one will probably be a bit more heavy, but at least it's only one subject. :)

I've been getting back into digi-scrapping. I've just found an online printer who will print my stuff for pittance, so I am so excited that I'll finally be able to print up the kids albums. :)

Righto, I better get on. Mop will be out of school in half an hour.

Oh PS: Welcome to the world Olivia Rose. She was born today. I have another niece! I can't wait to have a snuggle. :)

Jun 16, 2009

Let the good times roll...

For the last two years, I've been getting frequent sinus infections after every virus or cold. I saw the specialist today and his verdict is that I need surgery. I have to pay to have someone pick my nose with his scalpel!!! :)

Turns out one of my sinuses is filled with pus. BLEUGH! So he wants to drain it. Nice.

I am quite scared. My body is weird with anasthetics and so I am just a tad worried that the general will not work. I hate the thought of drips, needles and all that. My veins are awful, they never alow needles in and the whole getting a drip in process is quite traumatic for me. This whole thing is going to hurt. I'm scared. REALLY scared.

BUT on the up side. EJ has his assesment with mental health in a few weeks. I am so pleased, it came up quick!! He has been quite difficult these last few days because of the intensely busy weekend we had. On Monday night I put him to bed, and he was twitching, and ticking and having all sorts of interesting physical jerks. Poor child. He was really tired and worked up.

I went to the health shop and I have something called "Kid Calm" and we are giving them to him to see if that helps a little.

Righto, I am going to go clean my house then forget my anxiety about this operation and just bury myself into some sewing.

Jun 11, 2009

This lovely little man....


.... doesn't have aspergers or autism!

I got a call from the nurse that has been overseeing EJ's case rang me to keep me up to date with what's going on. She presented his files and assesments to the Aspergers/Autism doctor lady and it was ruled out pretty quickly.

She suggested there could be another disorder, one with characteristics that are similar to aspergers. Something to do with sensory stuff. I have no idea what the name is, I have never heard of it. Apparently it's a new thing, that is still being researched and learned about. Anyway we have a referal to a occupational therapist.

Children's mental health have the referral and it's a matter of them contacting me with an appointment time.

The nurse told me she is eager to get this moving because one EJ turns four, he will be out of their hands and in the hands of the department of education - then it's up to them. Apparently their assesments and time frames are less than ideal.

So that's the update.
I'm so thankful this nurse is keeping me informed, and doing her utmost for EJ. She is so supportive and kind. She said her door is always open for me to come and have a chat if I feel like I am going bonkers. :) I feel so heard and understood. I'm incredibly grateful for her. God has blessed me with someone who is bending over backwards to help me and my precious boy.


On we go.

Jun 3, 2009

It's been a rough old week.

The kids and I have been pretty crook. Poor Mop seemed to have it worse. She had a week off school, which she was NOT impressed about.

But we seem to be over it, this time.

I'm looking forward to this long weekend. I reckon we are overdue some sleep-ins, some leisurely days and some time with the kids in a snug warm house.

I have one more assignment due for this subject and I am done. That's really good. I can't wait to start the next subject... which I can't remember what it is! LOL Something theological.. I thought I would do all those first and get them out of the way as I learn how to do this Uni thing.

Though I am doing well so far. Essay writing is easy for me, it's just changing my language. I'm used to sermon writing... conversational. Luckily for me I have a very clever husband who proof reads and helps me change my conversation into proper essay language.

Righto, I am outta here.
xx Skipper