Jun 24, 2009

On second thoughts....

... I'm not having surgery.

1. Everyone I have spoken to, and has had it done, said it didn't work.

2. I have a scar tissue problem - it would work with that, because I would get a build up of scarring and it would block the drains.

3. EVERYONE I have spoken to who has had the same ENT specialist has said that he butchered them, and he has you in his office for 5 minutes and recommends the operation. Looks like he is in it for the money.

So I am going to have to learn to live with acute sinusitus. So will go see another doctor and talk to him about management, rather than surgery. I'll need to get management under control before considering another baby anyway - because I can't do anti-biotics while pregnant. :) But... that is still a big IF.

... anyway....

The process with EJ is coming along nicely. I saw a Social worker today and she has given me some good practical advice to apply to help his emotional growth. The mental health people will help me with his anxiety or whatever is the problem there... if there is one. :)

I'm feeling very positive about it and I know that he is going to be a happier little boy, and I will be a better parent because of the help I am getting. My Mum is giving me alot of support. She helps me with him as well as encouraging me and letting me talk to her about this alot. When I have to go somewhere or want to go somewhere that E won't cope with, she looks after him. He happens to be president of the Nanny Fan Club, so he's happy! She's made the kids up their very own "Night Garden". In her yard she has a bridge, and around the bridge she has put little figurines from "In the Night Garden" - the kids LOVE it! I'm so blessed to have her.

Hmm what else is going on?
Study has wrapped up so I'm waiting for results and the delivery of my next course. The next one will probably be a bit more heavy, but at least it's only one subject. :)

I've been getting back into digi-scrapping. I've just found an online printer who will print my stuff for pittance, so I am so excited that I'll finally be able to print up the kids albums. :)

Righto, I better get on. Mop will be out of school in half an hour.

Oh PS: Welcome to the world Olivia Rose. She was born today. I have another niece! I can't wait to have a snuggle. :)

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Renata said...

Pleased you don´t need the surgery, but I do hope your sinusitis clears up. Your mum sounds fantastic - I really miss mine since we moved down here!