Nov 30, 2008

Another bump, another book and other stuff

Hi everyone.
This week has been rather hazy - I can't even be sure it happened. Midnight last night - dead on deadline, my Domestic Guru Organiser for 2009 was released. I feel a huge sense of relief and satisfaction of seeing the finished product ready for sale. I'm really proud of it - I worked so hard on it. It's good.

On Saturday Milly Moo gave me a terrible scare. She decided to dive off the change table while I had turned to get something. I didn't manage to catch her - it happened so fast. All I heard was the sickening thud. She was laying as if she fell funny on her neck. I started to freak a bit, I picked her up, and her head was rolling around, and she looked like she was struggling to stay conscious. Poor kid, must have been a huge bump. She was tired and a bit clingy for about an hour, then she was back to normal. She had a bruise on her face to show for it.
The changetable is now in the garage. I won't be using it for her ever again.

Yesterday afternoon, we headed to Daz's work for his Annual Christmas Family event. It was so wonderful! It had a ball pit, face painting, a ride which I didn't even think about getting on, jumping castle, a big slide and lots of characters dressed up to talk to the kids. E was terrified of the big bouncy tigger. He shrunk into Daddy, while Tigger tried to interact. Tigger offered him a lolly - which E took LOL
Mop had her face painted as a butterfly, she looked lovely. The face painters were excellent. They both went on the jumping castle - E was very unsure and wouldn't move away from the side. The man who was running the jumping castle was very kind, and went in and grabbed E's hand and showed him what to do. E was very confident by the end of his turn and was having a marvelous time.
Santa came to see the kids and each child was given a present. Milly received a Little People Train, E got a drum filled with musical instruments, and Mop got some mystic creature thing. I was expecting little $2 toys, not such nice gifts.

I've been spending a bit of time with my Mum in the afternoons doing craft. She has a craft room - so I put Milly down in Mum's cot for a nap, and E potters around the garden, while I can work away on different things. It's great!! Mum makes me cups of coffee and chats to me. It's nice having her company and she has lots of good ideas with crafts.

I have 21 days left until my 30th birthday.
Milly turns 1 in 4 days.
Xmas in 25 days.
It will be 2009 in 31.

Where has time gone?

Nov 24, 2008

Don't look if you don't like blood.

Happy Anniversary to us - 8 years today! WOOT!! We aren't doing much - we have postponed because my best friend from Brissy and her hubby are coming over for dinner. Eh, it's ok.

Thankyou for the kind emails, comments and messages I have been getting, making sure that E is ok. He's fine now. A bit touchy about his head, which is fair enough. If we mention the word blood or try and wipe the area (his hair is caked in blood) - he starts to wail. Eh, the boy has been through alot, he has every right to be annoyed. We have kept him quiet for the last 2 days so he didn't bump it or get his blood pumping too much. Tomorrow he will permitted to run and play. :)

I have below a picture of E's head. Beware - it has blood and is stitched up, so if you get queasy, I suggest you don't look. :) Consider yourself warned.

Ok here it is.

Nov 23, 2008

War injuries.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. DON'T CLIMB ON THE DESK! Mop get down from there, the thing will topple on you! Mop don't climb, it's dangerous.


I was finishing up cooking dinner when I heard a crash and an almighty scream - followed by what sounded like another child burst into tears. DH was down that end of the house, and heard him head in to investigate.
"Their's blood!!!" I heard him say.
I dropped the spoon and headed straight into the general direction of screams. Mop staggered out, crying. I saw E with blood on his fingers, so I pushed Mop down into the lounge to sit while I sorted out the blood. E was screaming blue murder, with unexplained blood on his fingers. I couldn't see a wound --- my eyes drifted to his shirt and saw alot of blood drops on his shoulders, running down his back. I glanced up again and saw blood splurting out his head.
"It's his head! We need to get him to emergency!" - I grabbed a handtowel and shoved it on his head, told DH to hold it firmly while I rang for Mum to come rescue us.
E objected to the pressure and started to scream louder. Got hold of Mum and she came over immediately. I walked over to Mop, and she was sitting quietly on the couch, white as anything.
"Are you hurt?"
"My ear." - it was red but no blood.

E was dashed to the local surgery and waited our turn. A lady's name was called - and she told the doctor to please see E first. How very kind of her. I felt tears spring to my eyes. We saw the doctor - he said it was quite deep and needed stitches. We had to agree to hold him down while they stitched him, or go to a Children's Hospital where we would more than likely be waiting for hours - but they would sedate him so they could work on him. They wrapped him in a sheet and the torture began. Daz had to lay on top of E to keep him from wriggling. The nurse held his head firmly, and E screamed and screamed and kept insisting "I finished now. No more. I wanna go home now." Poor kid. I tried singing, counting, playing, distracting him. It was ruddy hard and harrowing. The doctor and nurse struggled to stitch him up but finally it was all done. E was sweaty and exhausted - but not bleeding so much anymore.

Poor tike.

Next time I opt for the hospital for sedation. That was horrible.

Poor E is now sitting, watching Tigger, thumb in gob, almost asleep.

Nov 12, 2008

Another week gone

Hey ho
Nothing much to report, apart from that it's nearly the end of the week. I can't believe how time is wooshing by me. It's time to be planning Milly's birthday and quite frankly I can't be bothered with it all. I just want to crawl into a hole and pretend it's not happening. There is something depressing about your baby turning one. That means they aren't the baby anymore. Toddlerhood is before them.

My big three O is looming too and I'm in denial.

Life is going well over here. Kids are all good. Daz is all good. I'm all good.

Christmas preps are going good. I have started wrapping the stuff we got off layby because the kids are discovering them... well.. they are sitting in the middle of the lounge room. Lucky for us, they are so vague about this sort of stuff... they don't get that it's for them!! LOL. Mop has such a short memory that when she opens them, it will be like she is seeing them for the very first time.

I have almost finished my Secret Santa with a group of friends. I organised it this year, and we had to have something homemade, something smelly, a Christmas decoratation, something you wear and something personal. I have gotten everything except the smelly thing. I am still debating what to buy. The homemade thing I have got the stuff for, it's just a matter of sitting down and making it.

I've been watching movies on You-tube lately. I have watched the series of "Road to Avonlea" and I watched "Anne the Continuing Story" plus a few on my favourites from yesteryear. It's a great way to get things done. Each part is 10 minutes long - and after the 10 minute section is done, I jump up, run around and do a few bits for 10 minutes then sit down again. It's particularly good when I am headachey or really tired - which is happening alot lately. I'm not sleeping so good... so I guess that is why I am tired.

I ordered a beautiful Christmas dress for Milly to wear on Christmas Day. My mate Jac made it - such a clever lady.

Speaking of clever, I have decided to give dress making a go... actually not the actual dress making itself.. more a skirt. I want a few skirts but the cheapest I can find that looks half decent is $40.. so I figure I could buy a pattern and fabric for that. Then make myself more and more for cheaper! YAY!!

OK I should stop rambling...


Nov 10, 2008

Christmas photo shoot 2008

Well after a spontaneous "Quick! The light is fading! Let's do a Christmas photo shoot!" - DH nearly broke his back shifting the living room around so we could set up a make shift studio look for this year's Christmas cards. I will probably do another one because Milly didn't co-operate much - she was tired. I'll do the next one on Saturday morning when she should be happy and more obliging.

Anyway these are the results of our photo-shoot.







I plan to put these on Creative Expressions - my craft blog. as well. So if you visit there, then it will basically be the same as this one. Just in case you get your hopes up that I have created something wonderful.... well... I have created something wonderful, just not EXTRA! LOL If you understood all that you deserve a medal!

Nov 6, 2008

Brag moment

I am so incredibly proud of my firstborn girl. She's such a clever little lady!


We were having problems with Mop not "bothering" with her bookwork - she probably found it easy and couldn't be bothered with colouring it neatly, she just wanted to finish it fast and get it over with. So for incentive, Mum said that Mop could go over to her place for a play-afternoon if her bookwork was neat all week. This has worked like a charm. Mop's teacher said that Mop must REALLY want this reward because she is working very hard at her bookwork and doing it well.

Then the other day her teacher said to me "Mop's bookwork was PERFECT today!" I'm so proud of her!

Yesterday I popped in to ask the teacher if her house sold - since I knew there had been an offer made on it. The teacher mentioned to me that Mop had sat a special test that the junior primarys sat for to see how much information they retained - and I guess to catch kids with learning difficulties. She said Mop did REALLY well on the spelling part of it. Since she was a midterm entrant, she didn't expect too much - but out of 70 words, Mop got 62 correct!! The teacher was really impressed and said, "I didn't expect her to do THAT well!!" She was just marking Mop's reading comprehension test so I didn't find out how that went.. But how good is that???

She really is clever and I am so proud of her.

Nov 1, 2008

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Christmas time is beaut!!

I love this time of year. Seriously it's just so wonderful. It makes me so happy!!


First of all, I organised Secret Santa for a bunch of friends - and yesterday Sir E helped me by drawing names out of a hat. I know who I am buying for now and it's so exciting. I have a month to come up with some good stuff for her!! I love dreaming about what I could get her and how I could make it really creative. I can't say who it's for because she might read this blog, but I am so excited about it!!

Second of all, I'm excited because I love all the Christmas decorations that are going up everywhere. It's a tad earlier this year for some reason, but I have a whole month more to enjoy it! I love the corny christmas carols - mate I even listen to a Christmas radio station online for the entire month of December!!


Third of all I am excited because I love to give. I love to give gifts to my friends, family. Especially my Mum. I know it's a good gift when she bawls her eyes out. Can't talk much more about this, because I know Mum reads this blog occasionally! But I reckon this year will be a rip snorter of a howl. Perhaps I should enclose a hanky as part of the gift tag??

Fourth of all I just love making Christmas stuff. Gifts, cards, food. Mop was talking about all the special things that I make when it's christmastime and I must say it was very exciting to think that it's all upon us once again. I really need to finish my E-book so I can get on with it all!

I love, absolutely love Christmas.
When I was a kid, Christmas was soooo cool. We usually had it at Nanna and Pop's house. They lived in a cottage so it was crowded, snug but still great - especially when we were all there - aunts, uncles cousins etc. Nanna had all these old ornaments that she hung on the tree the night of my birthday. She popped the tree on the table, so gifts would all fit around it. The worst part of Christmas day was waiting. In fact that is a tradition I threw out the window with glee when I married - as soon as we woke up we did presents. When I was a kid, we had to wait until after lunch!!! OH THE AGONY!!!!

Roast chicken, roast veggies, steamed veggies, bread sauce and gravy for lunch and christmas pudding for dessert with custard. YUMM. Mum still does that for her Christmas dinners - she's hosting this year. I will probably move away from that - I like to make different stuff.

We are having Daz's rellies over for Christmas Eve and there are going to be sooooo many of them. ALL the cousins, aunts, uncles, second cousins... it's going to be soooo huge! So fun too. The cousins are mostly insane. I love them dearly! They are fun, they crack good jokes, they are loud, rowdy and I have been accepted as one of them. It's a good feeling to be friends as well as loved by your extended family. I just hope I don't get kissed all day. The worst thing about Daz's family as they all kiss me!! YUCCCKK!!! I am SO not a kissy person. Especially when a certain female family member has more facial hair than Ned Kelly. :) Ahem.. LOL


SO now... the most important part of Christmas.. my wishlist.
I'm not expecting much this year because we are only just turning a corner financially.. but this is what I would really love.

Perfume - Moonflower from the Body Shop.
Vegetarian cook book
All Saints DVD's.
Fabric to make quilts with (not for me, but still.. I'll enjoy it!!)
An overseas holiday. *snort* Not going to happen, but I can still wish!
Earrings and bling.

And considering it's my birthday 4 days before - I get a double whammy. I will be turning 30 this year. Shhhh... I plan to pretend it's not happening. I'll be busy doing a Christmas service in church... I won't be turning 30. It's not happening.. I'll stick my fingers in my ears and say LALALALA. Not turning 30.

When does midlife crisis time kick in?? I may just go and do something really radical... like... spend some time and money ON MYSELF!! Now that would be radical!!