Nov 24, 2008

Don't look if you don't like blood.

Happy Anniversary to us - 8 years today! WOOT!! We aren't doing much - we have postponed because my best friend from Brissy and her hubby are coming over for dinner. Eh, it's ok.

Thankyou for the kind emails, comments and messages I have been getting, making sure that E is ok. He's fine now. A bit touchy about his head, which is fair enough. If we mention the word blood or try and wipe the area (his hair is caked in blood) - he starts to wail. Eh, the boy has been through alot, he has every right to be annoyed. We have kept him quiet for the last 2 days so he didn't bump it or get his blood pumping too much. Tomorrow he will permitted to run and play. :)

I have below a picture of E's head. Beware - it has blood and is stitched up, so if you get queasy, I suggest you don't look. :) Consider yourself warned.

Ok here it is.

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