Nov 6, 2008

Brag moment

I am so incredibly proud of my firstborn girl. She's such a clever little lady!


We were having problems with Mop not "bothering" with her bookwork - she probably found it easy and couldn't be bothered with colouring it neatly, she just wanted to finish it fast and get it over with. So for incentive, Mum said that Mop could go over to her place for a play-afternoon if her bookwork was neat all week. This has worked like a charm. Mop's teacher said that Mop must REALLY want this reward because she is working very hard at her bookwork and doing it well.

Then the other day her teacher said to me "Mop's bookwork was PERFECT today!" I'm so proud of her!

Yesterday I popped in to ask the teacher if her house sold - since I knew there had been an offer made on it. The teacher mentioned to me that Mop had sat a special test that the junior primarys sat for to see how much information they retained - and I guess to catch kids with learning difficulties. She said Mop did REALLY well on the spelling part of it. Since she was a midterm entrant, she didn't expect too much - but out of 70 words, Mop got 62 correct!! The teacher was really impressed and said, "I didn't expect her to do THAT well!!" She was just marking Mop's reading comprehension test so I didn't find out how that went.. But how good is that???

She really is clever and I am so proud of her.

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Anonymous said...

Wow she is a very clever little girl! Takes after her Mummy ;-)