Nov 23, 2008

War injuries.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. DON'T CLIMB ON THE DESK! Mop get down from there, the thing will topple on you! Mop don't climb, it's dangerous.


I was finishing up cooking dinner when I heard a crash and an almighty scream - followed by what sounded like another child burst into tears. DH was down that end of the house, and heard him head in to investigate.
"Their's blood!!!" I heard him say.
I dropped the spoon and headed straight into the general direction of screams. Mop staggered out, crying. I saw E with blood on his fingers, so I pushed Mop down into the lounge to sit while I sorted out the blood. E was screaming blue murder, with unexplained blood on his fingers. I couldn't see a wound --- my eyes drifted to his shirt and saw alot of blood drops on his shoulders, running down his back. I glanced up again and saw blood splurting out his head.
"It's his head! We need to get him to emergency!" - I grabbed a handtowel and shoved it on his head, told DH to hold it firmly while I rang for Mum to come rescue us.
E objected to the pressure and started to scream louder. Got hold of Mum and she came over immediately. I walked over to Mop, and she was sitting quietly on the couch, white as anything.
"Are you hurt?"
"My ear." - it was red but no blood.

E was dashed to the local surgery and waited our turn. A lady's name was called - and she told the doctor to please see E first. How very kind of her. I felt tears spring to my eyes. We saw the doctor - he said it was quite deep and needed stitches. We had to agree to hold him down while they stitched him, or go to a Children's Hospital where we would more than likely be waiting for hours - but they would sedate him so they could work on him. They wrapped him in a sheet and the torture began. Daz had to lay on top of E to keep him from wriggling. The nurse held his head firmly, and E screamed and screamed and kept insisting "I finished now. No more. I wanna go home now." Poor kid. I tried singing, counting, playing, distracting him. It was ruddy hard and harrowing. The doctor and nurse struggled to stitch him up but finally it was all done. E was sweaty and exhausted - but not bleeding so much anymore.

Poor tike.

Next time I opt for the hospital for sedation. That was horrible.

Poor E is now sitting, watching Tigger, thumb in gob, almost asleep.


Car said...

Scary stuff Skip :(

Hope it doesn't take too long for the stitches to heal.

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor poor Mama. I hope E recovers swiftly poor little mite.

My second born daredevil has had his head stitched up nine separate times!

Neddy said...

What a horrible experience for everyone. I hope E is feeling better today.

Epiphany said...

How awful!

I had to giggle at the lady who let him go first (how lovely) as one day DH had to go to emergency and was clearly in a lot of pain and dripping blood, and an old lady there did the same, telling him "oh I'm old, I'm going to die anyway" LOL!