Nov 30, 2008

Another bump, another book and other stuff

Hi everyone.
This week has been rather hazy - I can't even be sure it happened. Midnight last night - dead on deadline, my Domestic Guru Organiser for 2009 was released. I feel a huge sense of relief and satisfaction of seeing the finished product ready for sale. I'm really proud of it - I worked so hard on it. It's good.

On Saturday Milly Moo gave me a terrible scare. She decided to dive off the change table while I had turned to get something. I didn't manage to catch her - it happened so fast. All I heard was the sickening thud. She was laying as if she fell funny on her neck. I started to freak a bit, I picked her up, and her head was rolling around, and she looked like she was struggling to stay conscious. Poor kid, must have been a huge bump. She was tired and a bit clingy for about an hour, then she was back to normal. She had a bruise on her face to show for it.
The changetable is now in the garage. I won't be using it for her ever again.

Yesterday afternoon, we headed to Daz's work for his Annual Christmas Family event. It was so wonderful! It had a ball pit, face painting, a ride which I didn't even think about getting on, jumping castle, a big slide and lots of characters dressed up to talk to the kids. E was terrified of the big bouncy tigger. He shrunk into Daddy, while Tigger tried to interact. Tigger offered him a lolly - which E took LOL
Mop had her face painted as a butterfly, she looked lovely. The face painters were excellent. They both went on the jumping castle - E was very unsure and wouldn't move away from the side. The man who was running the jumping castle was very kind, and went in and grabbed E's hand and showed him what to do. E was very confident by the end of his turn and was having a marvelous time.
Santa came to see the kids and each child was given a present. Milly received a Little People Train, E got a drum filled with musical instruments, and Mop got some mystic creature thing. I was expecting little $2 toys, not such nice gifts.

I've been spending a bit of time with my Mum in the afternoons doing craft. She has a craft room - so I put Milly down in Mum's cot for a nap, and E potters around the garden, while I can work away on different things. It's great!! Mum makes me cups of coffee and chats to me. It's nice having her company and she has lots of good ideas with crafts.

I have 21 days left until my 30th birthday.
Milly turns 1 in 4 days.
Xmas in 25 days.
It will be 2009 in 31.

Where has time gone?

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Melissa said...

You know, when you start a post with "Another Bump" people are going to gasp and tell their husbands to "Shush! Skip's pregnant again". Then reread the post literally 4 times to see if you've just missed a sneaky announcement.

I'm just sayin......