Dec 2, 2008

They are gonna think I beat my kids!!

On Sunday Mop had a fall. She was hanging upside down on the swing and fell really hard, landing on her arm. She cried very hard.

Yeah sure.... that's what they ALWAYS say.

Ever since then she's been complaining about her arm hurting and not doing anything with it. Today I finally took notice when I moved her arm slightly and she started to howl.

Took her to the doctors, they x-rayed her. Her arm is fine - well... not fine really. They got a sling thing set up for her to rest it a bit. If it's not better next week, we need to go back.

Poor kid. I can't believe I didn't think it could be anything serious - I just thought she was being a wuss bag. Then again, come to think of it, she's not really one to dwell over past hurts - she sucks it up and gets on with it. I really need to pay more attention.

The doctor who sewed E's head up saw me waiting for the sling to be popped on - saw that it wasn't E getting his stitches out and looked at me odd. Yes yes... I've been here recently.

In less than 10 days we've had stitches, a suicide attempt jump off the change table and now this arm injury. What next? DH falls over and breaks his nose? I slip on one of the million Duplo blocks on my floor and break a leg? Or is it true, that these things happen in threes and it should be all over now??

Drama drama drama!!
Where did my nice quiet, level, peaceful, non-eventful life go?

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