Dec 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Milly Moo!!

Milly precious...

YOU HAVE NO REGARD FOR TRADITION!!! It's your birthday and you are still asleep!! Daddy and Mop had to leave for school/work without the tradtional sitting on our bed, opening presents and lots of birthday cuddles. Why?? Coz you are busy catching Z's. :) That's ok, you've had a few rough days with your teeth so you sleep all you like.

I can't believe it's been a year. Milly Moo you have bought such incredible joy to our lives. You are so affectionate, good natured, sweet and very social. I love that you want to be with us all the time. I love that you are so happy and so chatty. I love your funny little things you do. I love that you are so clever. I love your big blue eyes that are so expressive. I love your smile and laugh. I love your chubby little legs. I think you are just so beautiful. I am so glad you joined our family. You are such a blessing to us and we all love you dearly.

It feels just like yesterday when you were laying in my arms after you were born...

... now you are a beautiful big baby.


Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

Hark! I hear the sounds of Milly chatting quietly in the cot. :) Best get my birthday girl her milk.

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Epiphany said...

That first birthday is so nostalgic...