Dec 5, 2008

A horrible moment

I just had a horrible horrible moment. I have no idea what is going on with my kids and their self destructing at the moment. What next??? I am half expecting a broken leg by Christmas!!

Milly has been a bit clingy today - not a big deal. She is going through a clingy phase. She is not happy unless she is on my hip. Awwww, loves her Mummy. Anyway - after feeding her some lunch, I cleaned her up and laid her down in her cot for a nap. She was grizzling the whole time, and I thought it was tired signals. As soon as I laid her into the cot she suddenly started to scream - and she did one huge long scream - I picked her up straight away and tried to soothe her - all the air left her lungs... and she didn't inhale again. But she was still "trying" to scream - no sound coming out of her.. I started to pat her back talk in her ear, telling her to breathe... she turned a horrible shade of purple - then blue.
"MILLY BREATHE!!" I was getting frantic, and I was hitting her back, not sure what to do to get her to inhale. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she slumped unconscious. I quickly changed position to support her limp body.
"MILLY!!!!!" I was yelling in her face.... Thankfully she inhaled while she was in that unconscious state, and she came to a few seconds later, crying.

She howled and howled... I sat in the rocking chair with her, too scared to put her down again. I rocked her until she was in a deep sleep, then put her into the cot. Poor little mite..

I never ever want to see that ever again. I might give the parent helpline a call to find out what I can do in that situation. That was soooo scary!


Mummy to Cyclone James and Harrison.. said...

OMG how awful Skip.... That would have been terrifying.. I'm so glad she's ok now, and hope that you managed to calm down a bit after it happened.... Big hugs and kisses for her.. xoxoxoxoxo

Epiphany said...

How scary!! I'd get her checked just in case.