Dec 19, 2008

My first Birthday present.

Today Daz came home with a gift bag with a few gifts for my birthday from his parents.

I was sooo excited and so stoked with what they chose.

First of all is a Cookie Factory. I can't WAIT to try this out!! Christmas baking day is Monday so I'll definately give it a whirl. I am a huge fan of kitchen appliances. I use most of my kitchen appliances... the only one I don't use regularly is a juicer. I just can't be bothered. Makes too much mess and it's hard to clean.

Anyway... so I have a new appliance! That always makes me happy!

Second thing I got was a Quilting Calendar. It has a pattern for everyday!!! This is so wonderful! I am just starting out quilting and I really enjoy doing it.

I am just a bit spoiled. :)

I also scored a big bag of Fruitchocs! So my 30th year is off to a good start already! :)


Sorry this one is a bit blurred - I had shaky hands.


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