Dec 5, 2008

A surprise and a picture.

First of all - this is a picture of the birthday girl, on her birthday wearing her "birthday suit" - we gave her this for her birthday.

How many times can I say birthday in a sentence?? LOL


As for the surprise. I woke up the other morning hearing Daz tapping away on the laptop next to me. "What ARE you doing??" I groaned, slightly grumpy - let's face it, I am NOT a morning person.

"Booking tickets to see Phantom of the Opera"


I'm sooooo excited!! I've been wanting to see that for years and years!!

That is showing in May so I have a bit of a wait. Oh well... I'll just have to be excited for 6 months! LOL

Well I best get going. Milly is having a little party tonight with my family - just a dinner and cake, but still, it's a celebration and I have a few things that need doing. The kids are off to my niece's fairy birthday party. Mop is dressed to kill in one of her fairy outfits.

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