Dec 10, 2008

Right WHO broke that mirror!!??

We are on a bad run here.
In three weeks we have:

1. A split head from Master E and stitches
2. A dive off the change table, and nearly knocked unconscious from Milly Moo.
3. A hard fall on the arm and slinged for a while from Madam Mop.
4. A scream that rendered her unconscious - from Milly Moo.
5. FIL in hospital because his medication doses weren't correct.
6. Our car cracked something vital and had the towed away, insurance company hasn't gotten back to us, and we have no idea how long it will take to repair.
7. Now I am on my way to the doctors because I have been crook since Sunday and it's just not getting better.

I swear we are keeping our local surgery in business. Should buy shares in the place.

I thought bad things come in threes? Well we are into our third lot - I think we have inherited someone else's share!!

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