Sep 24, 2006

Long time no Blog!

It's been a while hasn't it?

Let's see, what's been happening?? Well over the last 2 weekends we have been gardening like mad. Spring is upon us and it's the time to plant and do all those horrible jobs, that we haven't done over winter!!

E is doing marvelously. He desperately wants to crawl. He knows what he wants to do, and gets very annoyed coz he can't do it just yet. A few more weeks and I reckon he will be away!! More teeth are coming through, though I can't tell which ones, because he gets annoyed with me gawking in his mouth.

Mop is doing well at school and is enjoying it very much. I now have permanent lunch dates lined up with Mum on Fridays so Mop will come without making a fuss. I don't think I can stand being so unloved!

Haven't been digi-scrapping much lately. My creativity has been swallowed by the crappy few weeks I have had. Life seems to have got super busy, stressful and goodness knows what else. I had a pregnancy scare last week and I was terrified at the prospect of ANOTHER baby. I know it's bad, but I was very relived to see AF arrive that month.

I have been working on my wedding altered canvas and I will show that off when it's finally done. Still waiting on getting the photos scanned and printed. The canvas is ready, but just a few things like gardening etc holding up the works.

I went to IKEA for the first time EVER and I was soooo impressed. We bought an entertainment unit for next to nothing and it really glams up my rumpus room. I love it! I love IKEA too. It was kinda fun putting the furniture together. I love their instructions too. No weird and wonderful cryptic phrases to decipher. They did it with pictres! Gotta love it!!

We are going away to Berri this long weekend in the caravan. Looking forward to that very much. A bit of relaxation and fun with the kids.

Well that's all for now.

Sep 1, 2006

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to school she goes......

With tears and screaming, when it's time to be leaving...

Yesterday was such a big day for us all. Mop had her first day at Montessori. She was so excited about going. We bought her uniform and her new lunch box for her first day. She was thrilled. We arrived and enrolled her, and looked about her classroom. It's a great place and I knew Mop would have a wonderful time. I tried to say goodbye to her, but she was already brushing me off, and getting involved with playing with the puzzles and other kids. I tried not to take it personally, but it would be nice if she actually cared that I was leaving!! :)

I got home and I didn't know what to do with myself. I cleaned the bathroom uninterrupted (E was taking a nap) No ABC kids on in the background, no constant chatter and singing. Don't tell anyone, but I kinda missed it. It was too quiet.

I dashed off back down to the school, eager to hear of how she went and see if she enjoyed herself. I arrived a few minutes early and for a few moments I stood on the outside of the playground, watching her play. I was impressed with the amount of supervision the kids had with the teachers. The equipment is pretty impressive too! I waited inside the foyer, because the kids are let out one at a time as the teachers see what parents have arrived. I peeked into the classroom and I saw Caitlin hanging off the knee of her teacher, engrossed in the story that was being told. She saw me, her eyes widened. I smiled. She was told she could go, and she shook hands with her teacher (they teach them to do that) and then as I approached her to take her home, she let out a HUGE scream.. "NO NO NO!!! GO AWAY MUMMY!!! NO NO!!!!" And she darted back into the classroom and around her teachers legs. I approached her again, and she came at me and pushed me away from her "NO! NO! GO AWAY!"
She didn't want to come home!!! I felt so sad and so unloved at that moment. The teacher looked a little surprised at her outburst. But made no comment on it. Tears were prickling in my eyes, but I wasn't going to bawl in front of the teacher OR my defiant little miss.
I bribed her with a promise that we would go straight to Nannys. That worked!! She grabbed her painting and was ready to go.

The teacher spoke to me about her day, and I am so proud of my girl. She in the words of her teacher is "very settled" and "Very academic." She tried everything they offered her and got on well with the other children. The teacher sat with her to work out where she was at, and she is ahead for her age. "It's obvious she has been exposed to alot of things, because she is very academic" That's my girl!!!!
I feel so proud of her. She is a bright little thing. Though feisty and sometimes out and out a pain in the butt.... but luckily that isn't all the time.
The teacher recommended she be moved to 2 mornings a week and into the next classroom where she can be more challenged. So that's nice.

She is so excited about going back to school. She can't wait!!! She will have a very busy week this week. We are going to the Show on Thursday, and she is very excited about that. She will have a wonderful time, we are going with my brother and SIL and my niece and the girls can go on rides together etc etc. It will be wonderful for them.

I am incredibly tired still... last night we had friends over and learned how to play poker. I WON!!! WOOHOO!! Beginners luck. Pat (friend) said I would win because I was a beginner and he was right. Can't wait to play that again. It's a fun game. Once I got the hang of it.... I was pretty poor in the beginning. Anyway we played poker till almost 2am. E was awake just before 7 so you know why I am tired now!! ;)

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