Jun 16, 2009

Let the good times roll...

For the last two years, I've been getting frequent sinus infections after every virus or cold. I saw the specialist today and his verdict is that I need surgery. I have to pay to have someone pick my nose with his scalpel!!! :)

Turns out one of my sinuses is filled with pus. BLEUGH! So he wants to drain it. Nice.

I am quite scared. My body is weird with anasthetics and so I am just a tad worried that the general will not work. I hate the thought of drips, needles and all that. My veins are awful, they never alow needles in and the whole getting a drip in process is quite traumatic for me. This whole thing is going to hurt. I'm scared. REALLY scared.

BUT on the up side. EJ has his assesment with mental health in a few weeks. I am so pleased, it came up quick!! He has been quite difficult these last few days because of the intensely busy weekend we had. On Monday night I put him to bed, and he was twitching, and ticking and having all sorts of interesting physical jerks. Poor child. He was really tired and worked up.

I went to the health shop and I have something called "Kid Calm" and we are giving them to him to see if that helps a little.

Righto, I am going to go clean my house then forget my anxiety about this operation and just bury myself into some sewing.

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Renata said...

Oh no - I´ll be praying for you. When is the op?