Jan 21, 2010

It's nearly that time again!



Today I pulled out all that Mop will need for grade 2 - inspecting everything, and working out how I will label it all. Mop came in and sat down, gently fingering the books, exclaiming over new scissors and erasers.
Tears came to her eyes, "Mummy, I don't have any textas to color in with! I used them all up last year." Her voice wavered. This child cries at the drop of a hat I tell you!
I rumaged around and pulled out a brand spanking new box of textas, along with the coloring pencils and a sharpener! Her face looked relieved! She sighed again as her fingers lightly ran over her roll of plastic sleeves.
"I just LOVE getting new things for school! I love new books, new pencils, new erasers and everything."

She's just like her Mum! I love stationary too! The most exciting thing about me going to uni was I could buy stationary! :) Though I have been dissapointed. So far this year I have bought a pack of notpads. Big Whoop! If I could, I would buy a notebook or post-it notes every week - I couldn't use them all, but I sure love them! I love the smell of new paper. I love the smell of brand new pencils and erasers. I love the smell of the glue stick - lightly perfumed with I don't know what.. but it smells good!! Don't worry, it's not aquadere or anything potent like that.

I love back to school times! Just because I get to handle and enjoy brand new stationary. At Mop's school, the stationary pack gets delivered by courier in the last week of December. As convenient as it is to have all the correct B pencils and good quality coloring in gear, I still miss going out and choosing it all myself.

You know that line in the movie: "You've Got Mail" -
"I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."

Now that's my kind of man!! Though make mine gel pens. :P


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Anonymous said...

I am a stationery junkie too. I ordered personalised note pads today, sssoooo excited.

I agree that the smell of new stationery is to die for.