Jan 6, 2010

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
You freak me out.
I don't like having Anonymous people commenting on my blog. It unsettles me. I personally think it's weird that someone would feel the need to hide. This is a blog that is not filled with questionable content - it's the story of my life and my family - that I share with my friends - and sometimes their friends. There is nothing you can say that warrants hiding behind "Anonymous". I'm hardly controversial!

Anonymous comments are like anonymous notes. Stinks of cowardice - it's underhanded and sneaky. I don't like them.

No name - your comments will not be published, let alone read. So if you want to be heard - you better have an identity.



Rachel said...

That would weird me out too! Out yourself, anonymous poster!

Renata said...

It is tricky. I have some friends who only comment under anon, so I don't mind it, however I also have had some rubbish posted under anon (as in advertising for a certain company etc) - I never let that through.