Jan 24, 2010

Getting to the nitty gritty stuff.

Today we had EJ's first appointment with the psychologist. Today she just let the Speechie do her work and let EJ get used to her presence. He eyed her up and down a few times, and in the last 2 minutes just stared at her - taking her in, sizing her up.

The psych pretty much asked me what I wanted from her and was trying to work out where EJ was at. I pretty much asked for equipping him with coping skills and I wanted an actual DEFENITE diagnosis of SPD - because I am sick of the Occ Therapist calling it "Sensory difficulties" and her reluctance to commit to anything. If I have a name - I can then go to EJ's primary school and start putting some plans into place. How can the teacher's know what to do if there is no definate name for EJ's quirks and needs? At least with SPD, they will know it's a sensory issue, they can reasearch if they feel the need to, and we can put some plans into place to help EJ transition into school and then feel safe and happy there.

So - the really cool way that these things work is to get a definate diagnosis, we have to work out what he DOESN'T have. *Rolls eyes* Apparently the Aspergers and Autism testing we have done isn't satisfactory and the psych wants it to go before a panel and the testing needs to be very indepth. So they are working out a way to get EJ tested as quicky as possible. This apparently will open doors to funding for his other therapies. I can't really elaborate on that, because I am not really sure what they are talking about. But I am sure I'll find out as time goes on.

As of next week the psych will be doing more and more testing on EJ, working out where he is at developmentally (more very indepth testing) and will work with the speechie. I guess SPD is such a broad term - they will be delving deep to find out more of the nitty gritty stuff now and how to best help him.

Again another positive session.

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Kakka said...

So glad you had a positive session, I can imagine it must be hard to wait for all the testing to be done. Hugs from Perth xxx