Jan 28, 2010

I'm trying to not pee all over the floor...laughing that is!

Milly Moo.... dear heart. I need to explain something to you. It's a very serious topic and I would like you to listen very very carefully. When God created you in my tummy - He in his infinate wisdom, created you to be a little girl. The doctors double checked this when you were born - yep. Definately a girl.

So this means...you are not a boy. You are a little girl. I know that is seems rather captain obvious... but I think you may be getting a little confused. Girls are very different to boys. Females do not stand up to urinate. Little girls do not shove their hips fowards, and try and aim their urine stream into the potty. Yes, I know EJ does it. EJ is a boy. EJ has erm... the equipment to help him aim for the toilet .....not that it does him much good... he may as well have a sprinkler system, and he would get about as much in the toilet as he does now.... anyway.. I digress.

Darling. Please... sit down, do your wees sitting down. I was getting confused, I couldn't explain why for the past few days, there has been more wee on the floor than in your potty. I was baffled... were you trying to get there on time, and were too late? But NOW I understand why there is wee all over the floor... and all down your legs... No wonder you were smelling a bit... unusual.

You are like Mummy, like Mop... we all sit down to wee. Don't follow your big brother in THAT department. I know you idolise him and think that he can do no wrong.... but you need to sit down on the potty while you wee.

Ok are we clear?
Do you have any questions?

Can I laugh now???


Rose.W. said...

That is so funny lol... my daughter did the same thing. She too idolises her big brother so copied him.

I hope Milly Moo realises soon that it is almost impossible to get it in the potty that way lol.

Donna said...

LOL that was so funny. Imagine how confused any poor girl I'd have might be!!

Renata said...

Oh Dear - this is too funny!
I remember Ellie trying the same thing. You can only imagine how messy our toilet floor gets with 3 boys who need to learn to aim properly!
Just want to add I like your new blog look!
Renata :)

Madmother said...

So very funny - and I too am envious of that extension hose. It comes in so handy on long car trips when all that is available is a bottle...