May 3, 2010


By George! He's done it!
After months and months of knowing the sounds of letters, he now can put the sounds together to make words.

"B-I-N. B-IN. Bin! Bin! Mummy, that says BIN!"

You can imagine my shock as I heard this as I was loading the last few dishes in the dishwasher. I peered over the breakfast bar, and he was running his fingers over the word BIN on the storage bin.

Hmmm... was this just a fluke?
So I pulled out Dr Seuss and consulted him. No. I didn't. I'm kidding. I pulled out Dr Seuss and started to read to EJ. I would stop every so often to let him have a go at sounding out the words. I kept it simple, and didn't get him to try all those wonderfully whacky made up words that Seuss is famous for. We got to the end of the book and EJ was very confident in sounding out the letters and reading small words!

I'm so proud of him!! Perhaps this will help his speech along??

Oh and another thing he did.....

At night time, it's his little ritual that when Mummy/Daddy need to leave EJ after saying goodnight, EJ counts down and says "blast off" so they can "fly" out of his room like a rocket. The other night I was kissing him goodnight, and he asks if he can countdown. I said that he could.
Imagine my shock, surprise when he said "69. 68. 67..."
I started to laugh (on the inside) and waited for him to get stuck.
He didn't get stuck. Without missing a beat he counted backwards from 69 to zero!!

I was stunned!!

What a smart kid!!

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Renata said...

Well done EJ!!!!
What a fantastic milestone. I love the whole learning to read time - so much fun as they begin with knowing nothing & end up being able to read! As for counting backwards from 69 - well I don't think any of mine would be able to - certainly not the younger 3!! That's fantastic!