May 8, 2006

Good news!

Yesterday I had my appointment with Professor Dekker to find out what my options were about having more babies. GOOD NEWS!! He said I can have more. I can have them naturally/vaginally. Conditions: I will more than likely be induced to keep baby size down. I will not be able to have the baby in the birthing unit, but in the labour ward. He or another senior doctor would like to be delivering the baby and monitoring the baby. If the monitoring so much as hiccups, I will have to have an emergency c-section.

I can at least ATTEMPT to have them naturally.
I can have more gorgeous kids like the two I have.

I asked Caitlin "Would you like to have another baby?"
After careful consideration she replied "Yes, this time maybe we can have a Maddie?"
Maddie is my niece. Guess she wants a sister this time.

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