May 5, 2006

I just called, to say, I love you...

My daughter - while I was out feeding the cats, my young technology wise toddler made a video call to her daddy at work on my mobile... in the buff! I left her to get dressed while I was out giving my two felines some TLC and she rang Daddy, maybe to get some fashion advice? It took me AGES and a tutorial from Daz to work out how to make the video call in the first place. And a toddler just instinctively knows what to do?? Not fair.. I bet along with screaming lessons, they have "How to make your parent feel inferior and stupid" and "how to crack the hugest tanty to make your parents look bad and almost die from shame" lessons.

Gotta love video confrencing calls. Daz called me once on a video call, showing me all the types of Lean Cusines in the freezer at Coles so I could make my choice on what I wanted. Caitlin was watching... and saw the price tags... "Daddy's at Coles" Clever cookie.

Another time I called Daz when Elijah was having a huge screaming fit. I didn't say anything, I just pointed the camera at the hissy fitting boy and let him scream at his Daddy..... at work... on a very loud speaker phone. His whole office heard my boy that day.

Anyway better go, the lappies battery is getting low. Another piece of technology that I am sure my toddler will work out how to use and write super dooper programs... at age three, while her mother at age 27 knows how to surf the net, and use microsoft programs and play the SIMS.. that's it.

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