May 25, 2006

Radioactive Mum!

Yesterday was the weirdest day in ages.
I had some bone scans done on my feet. I've been having some unexplained pain in my right foot for some time. So I get injected with some stuff, and have my legs and feet put into unnatural positions for AGES... nearly die from the pain, and then go home.. where I can't hold or cuddle my children. Apparently I had too much radiation coming from my body from that needle and the scanning and it wasn't good for the kids. So Daz stayed home and played Mum, while I wished with all my heart I could gather my babies into my arms and hold them close. How do you explain radiation to a toddler???

Elijah rolled over today. Clever boy!!! He is such a funny boy. I gave him some tummy time today, and laid down with him as usual, trying to get him to look at me. Usually he just lays his head on the mat and doesn't even bother lifting his head. Or he bawls and put his face into the mat. Today he propped himself up, lifting himself with his arms, neck and shoulders and grinned at me. Then he decided that it was enough tummy time and he lurched himself over. I popped him back on his tummy to see if it was a fluke, but it wasn't. He looked at me with the face of a "Mum, would you quit it already!?" and rolled over once more. How proud I am of him!! Such a clever boy!!

Tomorrow we are all jet setting off to perth for Glenn's wedding. Daz and him grew up together as kids. Caitin is soooo excited about going on a plane. My Mum is coming with us to babysit the tots while we go to the wedding. Mum is such a treasure. I think I'll keep her... :)

Caitlin is a keeper too. We are slowly starting to understand that it's NOT okay to say no, and that it's not okay to disobey. She is quick to apologise when I call her up on it, but I have to be consistent, otherwise she will bulldoze all over me.
She's such a bright thing. We were in the shops and she was looking at all the words on things around her. I stopped to look at some quilts, and she said "Blaan-ket. Blanket. Mummy that word says Blanket!" I turned to look at what she meant. She read the word blanket. My toddler... not quite three is reading. She read quilt, and she helps me read stories now. It takes a little longer, but she really likes to put her new skills into practice.

Well Elijah is squealing at me to pay some attention to him... so I better, before he hits the roof.

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