May 25, 2009

Look whose talking!


More of Milly's words and their interpretation if needed.

"One Way, Jesus" - (her favourite song)
"Go away"
"Arlie" - (Charli our nutcase dog who adores Milly Moo)
"Ally" - (one of our cats)
"Bunny"- (a furry stuffed rabbit she drags around the house by the ear and sleeps with.)
"BB's" - (her favourite cafe)
"Iggle-iggle"- (iggle piggle)
"Daisy" - (Uspy Daisy)
"Un, two, ee, oorr, iiive" - (one, two, three, four, five)- she says most of them up to 9 but I can't remember how she says them.
"Baby" - (doll)
"Car" (Thanks Zac for that one!)

Non verbal communication:
Claps 3 times and holds her arms up - means I want to sit on your lap while you read me this book for the 12th time today.

Turns her head away while you put food on the spoon - means "You will not feed me this. I will do it!"

Milly has really bucked against being fed now, and today I found porridge in her freshly washed hair. *sigh* Lucky she is cute. :)

She's growing up so fast. She walks around now so confidently and with such assurance. She has the most beautiful nature and is really a well behaved little girl. Though beware, behind those big blue eyes lies a will of iron and a stubborness that matches the rest of her family. ah well.... she's cute, so we will keep her.

Now to decide whether we go for number 4 or not? Labour. Feeding. No sleep. ...... but then you get a snuggly little newborn for a few months that nestles into your neck, they smell so divine, they suckle so contentedly, they stay in one place.... for a few months at least. They gurgle, gah and are just sooooo beautiful. You can carry them close to your heart and just breathe in their innocence and sweetness.

Maybe. Maybe not. Still indecisive about it.
Though I should, I breed awesome looking kids don't you think?? The world can do with more little Skippers!

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