Oct 7, 2007

Next year she can fill in our tax forms...

Ahhhh Mop.... what a laugh she is! She found a registration form for something or other, and decided to fill it in for me.
Some of the highlights were: if she didn't know the answer, she would make it up! We have a very interesting phone number. Did you know our postcode is the mailbox?
Mother's name: Mum
Father's name: Dad
Child's date of birth: July

LOL... ahh she's funny. So next year we will dump our tax stuff on her lap and she can fill out all the nasty tax forms. At least she will have fun. I wonder what interesting stuff she will come up with if she doesn't know the answer??

Sir E is cutting one of his 2 year old molars. Bless him - he has a temp, sore bum and isn't very well - but he's not complaining too much. He's a bit grizzly...
He's not going too well sleeping in his big boy bed. He wants to sleep in the cot. If we say "Bedtime"! He goes straight to the cot. We ask him does he want to sleep in his big boy bed, he says no. During the day he isn't so bad... but night time he doesn't want to. Thankfully a friend has offered us the use of their bassinet if E doesn't move in time. So we don't have to push him.

Mop is driving me mental. She trashes her own room, then goes into E's room and trashes in there as well. I confiscate toys she takes out of her room and into his room. I don't have the energy to keep tidying up trashed rooms. So she is banned from E's room - at least E doesn't trash his own room, making it easier to keep tidy. No matter what I say though, she does what SHE likes and then hits the roof when disciplined for it. ARRRRGGHH!! I must say being a parent is soooo frustrating at times. Is it completely necessary to pull out every single toy you own?? *sigh*
Well I binned a load of toys and got another load ready for the op-shop - then a HUGE container load to go into storage - toys she doesn't play with. We will give them away as appropriate - so now she has less toys but still manages to create havoc in there. *sigh* And if my Mum was reading this she would be laughing because I bet this is what I did. I was such a messpot as a child/teen.

Well must get going. E is crying so I guess the panadol will be starting to wear off. Poor tike.

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