Nov 17, 2007


Allo all!
Went to see the Professor and all is good. Bubs is small enough for me to push out at 38 weeks. So here's the plan. 28th November I am off to see Professor again so he can check up my clacker and see what's happening with my cervix. As much as I look forward to having a man looking up there and having a fiddle with my cervix............ NOT!!! Well anyway - he's going to check if my cervix is "favourable" and then give it a stretch and sweep. Wonderful. I hope I go into labour well before that.
If THAT doesn't work, the 3rd of December is the final day - I will be induced that day, and if that doesn't work out, then it's a c-section.

Good news is that I am allowed to give birth in the birthing center, I am allowed to labour in the water, and it will only be my midwife in attendance and the emergency neonatal team peoples standing at the desk while I push the munchkin out. Better than the origional plan which was the Professor in attendance and whoever he needed, my midwife, the neonatal team - it was going to be like peak hour traffic on South Rd!!
My hospital bag is packed. Mum spoiled me (again) and bought me some cute t-shirt nightees t wear plus some very yummy mango flavoured lip balm and body lotion for DH to massage into me. I am going to love that!! Not the massage part, the part where I get to smell mangoes. I LOVE mangoes.

So everything is ready for the baby.

Last week I had a very interesting experience. I was a model for a pregnancy photo-shoot. A friend, Jo, is practicing photography, and she suggested a pregnancy shoot for me - well that was a first for both of us. And the woman works miracles I tell you!!! She's going to be an excellent photographer. She made me look HOT!! I don't have the pictures just yet, but when I do, I'll show you what I mean. I haven't looked that good since my wedding photos.
Jo is also lined up to do a few family pictures of us when Munchkin arrives. If she keeps churning out such good pictures, I might have to start hiring her to do our family shots instead of Pixi (which are absolute rubbish for what you pay!!)

It was Daz's work dinner last night and I had a lovely evening. I had the sympathy card big time because of the bowling ball I have shoved up my dress. :) Every woman all looked at me sadly "Oh you must be due now" - eh yeah. I am.
"You must be so hot and uncomfortable" - Eh yeah I am.
Daz got grilled by fellow work mates about my condition and how long I have to go. I got wished lots of luck on departure which was lovely.
Daz's boss (whom I sat next to) was a lovely man. I did enjoy chatting to him - especially as he opened his trap and said that Daz was the best worker at the company and raved about his capabilities etc etc. Daz is too modest because I found out a heck of alot about my husband from this boss.... and all excellent launch pads for negotiations about promotions and pay rises! But apparently Daz is very smart (not that I didn't doubt this) and if no one else can solve a problem, they take it to Daz. He was instrumental in a huge project getting completed on time and solving an impossible problem. So there ya go....

Dinner was divine. I ate a Habouli and onion tart with a pear salad for starters, Salmon on a creamy thyme rissoto and some lovely flavoured butter on top. And for dessert a chocolate brownie - which was too rich so I passed it on to Daz. It was delicious. My own grump moment was when the wine was bought out. And the white was a Sauv Blanc, my favourite!! And Daz had a glass of it, which I didn't mind until he started raving about how nice it was. :(

The kids are doing well. I've had to start "Operation Crack Down" on Mop because she has been so argumentative of late and disobedient. She thinks she knows better and I have in the past been too tired to deal with it. Now both Daz and I are on her back and it has improved of late. She gave our baby sitter last night (Daz's cousin) a run for her money by her carry on, but thankfully she is very similar to me in approach and controlled the girl.

E has been absolutely divine. He's so much more fun and I really enjoy being with him. His tanties have almost dissapeared entirely. He whinges only when he is tired or in pain. He talks so much more and can say what he wants. "Juice" for drink "Ungy" for hungry etc etc. It makes my life so much easier. Afternoon naptimes, he likes me to lay down with him while he goes to sleep. I don't mind, it means I get a 5 minute rest too. He smothers me in kisses and cuddles me and strokes my face - then drops off because Mummy's head massage is to die for!

Christmas preps are well underway. We are mostly done for outside of the family which is good. Mop has a cd-player on layby - she is really getting into music lately - so she may as well have her own player in her room so Mummy isnt tortured at 3am hearing in her head Bear in the Blue House and I like to Sing tunes.

Website is going well, though I really need to get more stuff on there. I have lots of material but it's just a matter of having the energy and motivation to get it on there. I hope to get it bursting at the seams in the New Year. I need to be focussed on the task of giving birth, I can concentrate on other things later.

It's been really warm here these last few days and the kids have been enjoying swimming in their water pool/center thing. It's looking to get hot in the next few days so I will be hybernating in the house with the AC blasting!!

Anyway I think I have said enough. I'll sign off now and go hunt down my hubsband who is making some repairs on the xmas tree so we can put it up before this bub comes. We noticed my tummy has dropped a huge amount and it's been very quiet, so it's probably resting up for birth.

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