Nov 27, 2007

What's goin on?

Well I'll tell ya!

Today I went to see the OB to check if my cervix was "favourable". The OB was busy today, so he had one of his registrars look after me - and she was nice enough to leave the cervix inspection to my midwife. The stretch and sweep was surprisingly enough painless. I found the registrar looking for baby's heartbeat more painful. Geeze she was rough!!!

Anyway nothing has happened after the stretch and sweep so I am guessing it's not coming today.

The new plan is: IF I haven't popped by Monday, I have to go to the hospital and get some gels popped in. Then Tuesday bright and early I have to have my waters ruptured. Personally I can't wait for the waters to burst. My midwife says i have lots of amniotic fluid so it's going to be a geiser!! WOOOOHOOO!!! Gotta have something to look forward to!

When I was in the Birthing Unit central desk waiting for Katie to book us a room we bumped into Karen, the lady who was there when Elijah was born - the one who had really high blood pressure after the birth. She looked at me and said "You look familiar.." then when it all came flooding back, she said she didn't want to be around for the birth! LOL. Apparently I added 10 years to her life. She sternly told me I would be in BIG trouble if I had a birth like that again. I'll do my best.... LOL Karen is a lovely midwife, and I like her. She was also the lady that the ECN thought was my lesbian partner - because she walked in on the midwife teaching me how to milk myself! LMAO!!! OH what a hoot that was....!!

So now I am keeping myself busy - a friend of mine told me to stay busy to keep the mind off labour and delivery. Why stress myself out and start to freak myself out eh?

Katie did go through the equipment they would be monitoring me with and stuff like that. It all seems pretty harmless. Not as invasive as I thought it would be.

So in a week all this pregnancy talk will be well and truly over with. I'll be a great deal thinner and able to sleep on my stomach.... ahhh bliss!!!

Next entry will be the birth announcement. Stay tuned... it could be anytime....

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Shelli said...

Hey Skip, been thinking of you and came searching you out for news. Will be praying for a speedy, safe labour for you. Can't wait to hear baby news!
Shelli (from EB)