Jun 2, 2006

The banshee returns

That's right folks, my son the banshee has managed to scream himself into hysteria for most of the afternoon. He had tears rolling down his cheeks, he was hiccupping that pathetic little way, you know when they have been crying forever. The poor mite gave himself wind from gulping air.

And do you know what? It's all my fault. He couldn't or WOULDN'T go to sleep. He became overtired. And do you know why? Because I didn't wrap him....
I figured eh what the heck? He fights it and struggles with it, why not make his life easier and just put him without the straight jacket on. Well it turns out he LIKES the straight jacket. He likes to have something to fight before drifting off into slumber.
Now I know....

You would think though, that since I have an almost three year old, that I would know this stuff. You would think, yeah, she's a second time mother, she would have some clue. I swear that being pregnant for the second time wiped any education I received from Mop... it's like being a first time Mum. Complete with the break downs and the sobs of "I don't know what to do"... and that's me being the banshee this time! LOL

Other than that it has been a very average day. Jo cheered me up though which was nice. Just one small sentence/joke and I dissolved into fits of laughter. I had tears of mirth on my cheeks - legend Jo!! And I can't remember what the one-liner was.... but geeze it was hillarious.

Tomorrow I am very excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I will be glad to get out of bed early... we are going to collect our caravan!!! I am STOKED!! YAY! Now I just need to find a place to break it in. Wish it was warmer, we could have gone to the beach. If we go there now, we will be blasted with the arctic wind.

Well I am struggling to stay awake here. Daz is at a board meeting STILL and it's 11:10pm. I am going to bed, and he can jolly well sleep on the couch. WHAT board meeting goes for that long??? What are they trying to decide??? The future of our country??? NOoooooo.... Well when Aunty takes over as Pastor, trust me, late board meetings WILL NOT HAPPEN.... she likes to be in bed at 10pm.

Right off to SMS Daz once again....


Renae said...
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Renae said...

Hi Skip,

This motherhood gig is a huge learning curve I think, whether it's your first or 10th time!

Congratulations on picking up your caravan today.

I look forward to hearing about all your adventures with it.