Jun 7, 2006

Guess God had other ideas

Guess what!? My sister in law is pregnant again! YAY!....
Well it's a bit of a story! Poor blossom. She had her last baby 6 months ago. Maddie.. anyway the deal was that Pete and Deb weren't going to have any more kids. I guess Pete should have got the snip, because WOOPSY!! Deb is up the duff once more. She was pretty shocked, and pretty upset but she only allowed her to cry for one day, then she got on with it. She called a midwife and burst into tears because I think the realisation of it all... the midwife insensetively asked if Deb wanted an abortion. Deb told her where to go. Good on ya Deb!
Deb is just about 8 weeks along and is pretty happy about the coming arrival. She is a bit scared, and tired... after all she is doing a Uni course in nursing plus she has 2 kids to look after. Deb has her work cut out for her.
Pete, my insensetive git of a brother - I love him really, keeps teasing her about having triplets.
Her older sister, I feel like slapping. Deb told her she was pregnant and she just looked at her, "WELL DEBBIE, WHAT am I going to do with your dress?" This older sister is getting married at the end of the year. Deb didn't get pregnant to inconvenience her... selfish cow.
When Deb told me, my eyes widened and my heart sunk - not in sadness, but in pity. Poor Deb. Barely over breastfeeding and she is up the duff again. Oh well, I guess this extra bubba was in God's plan...
Anyway I am going to be an Aunty once again! By the time that one is born it will be my turn to have a baby! We gotta keep providing playmates for our kids! LOL

Turning your thoughts to the weather. It's barely winter, and its FREEZING!! I can't cope with 1 degrees overnight. My nose gets cold, my fingertips turn blue and I just feel miserable. Luckily for me Daz makes a killer hot Milo or cuppa tea, so it warms me up.

Some sad news, my best friend of 10 years is moving away to Brisbane... really soon. I was doing a really good job of pretending it wasnt happening and trying not to think about it. I dropped Bec home Tuesday night and saw a big For Sale sign in front of her house. I felt like crying.
The plus side is that I can go visit her dragging our little caravan with us, and we can hang out in the awesome places along the coast. I'll miss her like crazy. Seems like something is happening in my life. I am having a huge shake up. Guess God doesn't want me to get too settled and too comfortable. My Pastor is retiring, Kym left me to go to Canada to be with her boyfriend, Bec is leaving to live interstate. (I'm jealous. I would love to move interstate. Just to have a change.) Friendships are changing, I sometimes feel like I am being left behind. What's going on?

One thing I can remember is that just because people leave, we can still love each other across the miles. It's not as if they are moving to Mars. I can still email, write letters, call etc. Bec is such a big part of my life... not only as my best friend but she and Nicky (Nick - her hubby) are my kids godparents. If we cark it, they get our kids. Mop loves them both so much. As soon as we step into church she is pointing to Nick and Bec on stage and yelling out to them!

Okay better stop now before I depress myself.
The photo at the top of the page is us when we went away to a B&B all together for hers and Mop's birthday.

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