Jun 15, 2006

Because today is OUR Independence Day

Thursday - 15th June - Elijah worked out that his hands are for more than shoving into his gob. He reached for things and grabbed them and then put the object in his gob!

Friday - 16th June - Elijah discovered the joy of blowing raspberries and had bubbles of spit all over his face and his jumpsuit got drenched.

Caitlin took another step forward to that ever-looming place of childhood. She has a job chart on her cuboard. And every day we look at it together and do the jobs together, it also has her routine on there so she knows that everyday she has to get dressed, make her bed, feed the pets etc etc
This morning I got out her clothes for her to wear for the day, came back 5 minutes later to see that her PJ's were no where to be found.
"Where are your PJ's?"
"Under the pillow."
She put them away WITHOUT ME!! I didnt have to remind her, nag her or anything. She just put them away.
Next I hear the sliding door open, and her nappy nowhere to be found. She put her nappy in the outside bin WITHOUT ME!!!
Then she tells me she needs to brush her teeth, so I give her some toothpaste on her tootbrush and watch in amazement as she brushes her teeth, spits out the paste, rinses her mouth out with water, puts her toothbrush back, gets down and tells me she needs her hair brushed.
My mouth fell open in shock... she just did most of her morning jobs/routine without my help. What a grown up girl she is becomming. I didn't quite know what to do with myself... I am so used to devoting at least an hour every morning, telling her what to do, helping her with things... and this morning she just did it on her own. Part of me rejoices in the knowledge that she will not rely on me forever to keep telling her what to do... and part of me mourns the passing of her complete reliance on me.

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