Jun 25, 2006

4 more sleeps!

4 more sleeps and we are heading off in our CV to the top of Australia and back again! I am sooooo excited!!!

Yesterday I had my bestie, Bec and her hubby around for the last hurrah. We had dinner together... I attempted some gourmet stuff to make it last till we meet again. It was loads of fun... untill Bec started to talk about missing me... then my heart dissappeared into the pit of my stomach, and there it has stayed.
My eyes burn and my throat swells when I think of my poor Bec all alone in a strange city.... but luckily for my breathing, Bec makes friends VERY easily, so she won't be alone for long.
They held their farewell bash in the city on Friday night, it was a cocktail party. Daz had bought me a lovely top I was eyeing off on Thursday so I had a lovely top to wear. Loads of people commmented on it... that and my hair. And the next day I went to the hair dressers and got it all cut off! It's very short, textured and spiky... I love it!!! I will put a pic of it on here one day, when I get one.

Today I went to see the specialist about my foot. He couldn't come up with anything definate... just a few guesses. So I have to see a rhemotologist.. to check if I have rheumatoid or however you spell it, arthritus. (As mum would say Arthur Ritus)
Hope I don't....

I've started yet another new hobby - digital scrapbooking. My fried Jo has been very helpful and I've been dabbling cautiously, only to find that it's soooo cool!! I cant botch it up!! There is an undo button!! :) It's certainly different to paper scrapping. So in the world of scrappers, I am a bi-scrapper!

When I finish my last piece, I will put it on here for you to have a gander at.

I don't think I will be writing until I get back from the Northern Territory, so next entry will be huge, telling you all about our adventures up there. Mop is excited about seeing Ayres Rock and swimming in the hot springs which will be "like a bath!"

So farewell loyal readers, and the people who stumble on in here, I'll see you in a few weeks!



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