Feb 12, 2009

First day of Kindy...



Look at him! All grown up!!


Today E started at Kindy. I was expecting him to cry, scream, grab my legs and sob his heart out when I took him there - like he does when I drop him off somewhere else for a play time. We met the teachers, we started playing with dried kidney beans - he tiped them from one cup the other.. then we played playdoh. Then I said to him that I was going to go home and do a load of washing - and then come back and get him. He barely looked at me "Ok then Mum, bye!"
I got a kiss.... and I stood up... waiting for the arms to fly around my legs. I waited for the screams and howls. Nothing. I looked at his teacher in shock. She smiled. I walked out the door... nothing...
He had a most wonderful day! He did some paintings of snakes. He had a water fight and had to have his clothes changed!! Naughty!! He played outside with the kids. Sat quietly during story time. He really had a wonderful day.
Not only did he enjoy kindy, but he was happy for the rest of the day. No whinging or anything. He was in a brilliant mood!! And he is really excited about going back to school tomorrow. :) I'm so glad that went smoothly - though a little shocked.


Today my study materials arrived. I have two subjects to do this semester. One is a small one and the other is a bigger one. I'll be getting into that soon. But I can't believe it. My future is sitting across from me. :)

Tomorrow is Mum's birthday and we are having a big family dinner to celebrate. I have a rather huge surprise for her - and I hope it doesn't kill her!! LOL. More about that later because she may read this and guess.

Well I better push on. I have lots of housework to do this evening because I was naughty and sewed for most of the day! :)


Renata said...

E looks so cute there ( I love his spiky hair). Glad he had a fun day at kindy!
Hope your mum has a great birthday!

zizzy said...

Oh what a spunkeroonie he is Skip -glad he had a great day too!