Sep 9, 2008

Under Where??

A rather amusing incident, which I don't want to forget. And of course to amuse my loyal readers.. LOL

Mop's teacher came out of the classroom after school and waved me over. I was thinking "great, what she done this time??"

"Umm... Mop lost her knickers"

I stared at this teacher.. "WHAT?"

"She was playing on the playground and the teacher on yard duty grabbed her and bought her in, saying she had no knickers on."

I thought perhaps she had forgotten them.

"I don't know...Mop said she flushed them down the toilet."

I was confused. "Say what?"

This teacher looked as equally confused. "She won't talk about it, just said that she flushed them down the toilet. And she was really upset about having to wear a pair of the school knickers." (They are Bratz knickers, no wonder! They are a no-no in this house.)

The teacher asked me to talk to her, since Mop clams up with her. Before I even got to the school gate, I found out the story.

Mop's knickers accidently fell in the toilet. She didn't want to stick her hands in there and get them out. She didn't know what to do... so she flushed them. LOL Another "teach your kids to be independent and problem solve" bites me in the bum yet again!

Kinda amusing really... Kids are the most bizzare creatures.

Father's Day lunch was a hit. Totally fun. I have some photos from the day.

Steve and Jaz - They get married next weekend!!

Granny and Grandad - they have just moved to the big smoke.

This is my Mummy and Dad - note Dad has glitter on his forehead from one of the kid's Father's Day present. LOL

This is my other brother Pete and his Kooky wife Deb. LOL

And just some general photos for you to have a squizz at:

E pushing around his little sister.

"Look Mum! I'm doing a headstand!!"

Milly and Mummy

Righto, well I think that's all for now.


Colleen said...

hahah how cute is her headstand.

Your kids are so cute. :)

Epiphany said...

He he those photo's are cute. Love the knickers story!