Aug 27, 2007

4 year old's ambitions.

Thanks alot Mop! Way to go!

A discussion I just had with her:

M: (in tears) I want to be like you, a grown up!

S: Being a grown up isn't all fun and games. We don't get to play as often as little girls do. We don't get to play with our Barbies and Ponies anymore. We have to go to work and do jobs around the house.

M: I still want to be a grown up.

S: Alright, what will you do when you are a grown up.

M: Get a pink car and go on holiday to the beach.

S: Sounds fun. How are you going to get money to pay for a car?

M: Get it from the bank.

S: How is it going to get there?

M: (confused) I'll get money from the bank.

S: OK you have to go to work to earn money to put into the bank.

M: Oh no! I'll be like you.

S: What?

M: I'll be like you....
I finally triggered that she thinks that I have fun all day long and that being a stay-at-home-mum is fun and games! And that I don't work. Hmmmm... I guess all that spring cleaning I have done in the last few weeks has gone by unnoticed. The meals that I cook, the washing I do, the baking I do, the cleaning up of her toys wasn't done by me... NOOOOO... it was done by the housework fairies. They DO exist!
Funny conversation though.
I then explained to her when she, E and Kinder Surprise are in big school, then I will go back to work like Daddy. She wasn't too impressed - "Will Daddy stay home then?"
"No, Daddy will work too. It's just that while you are in school, no one needs to be home. There is no one to take care of. So I'll go to work."
By now she has forgotten the initial "I want to be a grown up!" thing. I have NO IDEA what made her so upset and made her think that being a grown up was the be-all and end all!
Well I better get back to doing nothing and having a wonderful time, because dinner is about to be cooked up and dished out by those ellusive fairies. Oh and while they are at it, they can clean the kitchen up as well!

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Rach said...

Aww, how sweet! And cute pic too!