May 20, 2007

Officially Launched!!

I am so pleased to finally announce that has been officially launched. Daily posts are now taking place. (apart from weekends of course, since that is family time)

I have been so stoked with the feedback I have been receiving about it. It's quite chest puffing really!!

So if you want to know anything domestic, or look for inspiration regarding food, or home organisiation, domestic guru is the place to look! And it's not finished yet!! I am adding more and more information as I experiment with different methods of cleaning and different ways to save money etc etc.

On the family front:
I had my ultrasound on Wednesday, bubba is 10 weeks and 4 days old. All is well. Morning sickness hit with a vengence last week. Driving down Main North Rd to Gawler, I had a wave of nausea - since I was in a 100 zone I couldn't pull over fast enough. End result, puke all over the car and myself. I got SOME in a bag... but not enough. Ah well... it should end soon. If I could eat Whoppers all day long and not gain an ounce, I would. I love them... and they are the only food that appeals to me much nowadays. Poor ol Daz.

Elijah is being a right pain in the Blessed Assurance (I hear Neil Myers say that and I thought it was absolutely hillarious!).... His latest antics was to put the VCR remote control in the fish tank. He got his butt whopped, and he cried for 15 minutes, absolutely devestated. We really need a lid for that thing, but money is so tight at the moment.

I have a very sore throat, making it difficult to growl at him effectively. I can barely talk.

Daz is home today, looking after the kids and helping me. I can't talk much and I barely got any sleep last night, so I got to have a bit more sleep this morning and woke up to some lozengers on my bedside table. He's so good to me. He is in the process of making me and the kids some lunch. The kitchen is spotless (he cleaned it), and my lunch is smelling rather good!!

Mop is being a good helpful girl as usual. She keeps talking about big school - I hate to tell her that big school for her is YEARS away! LOL.

Right well that's life in a nutshell. Lunchtime!!

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