May 10, 2007

Blood, guts and more

Blood - I had a blood test. The nurse was brilliant as usual (I see the same one because I am made from stone and no one else can get blood from my veins) No bruise, some pain, and 3 vials of blood - the woman deserves a medal!!

Guts - It's getting bigger. It's visibly noticeable that I am up the duff. Daz's cousin Sara noticed - but her being polite she didn't say anything untill I told her. A man from our church took one look at me, his eyes widened as he looked at my tummy, then says 'I know what you have been up to!"
I blushed.... I know what I have been up to as well!!

More - my brother moved out of our house after living here for years. I have a spare room now... well not anymore. The very next day after he left, it became the toy room. It's nice to have my house back to pre-toy-domination days.

I have been cleaning up a storm this week. Today I attempted the carpets but the kirby fell apart - so I'll have to finish that up tonight when Daz fixes the blasted thing!!

Well I better get going. E is screaming at me because I won't let him smoosh Promite sandwhich into the lappie keyboard. What a mean mother I am.

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