Jun 26, 2007

E's Dictionary.

Baa Baa!
(def: verb: sing me Baa Baa Black Sheep)
... then goes on to say Yess Yess at the "yes sir yes sir" part.

Seeya Car
(Def: I want to go in the car now)

(Def: Nanny)

(Def: Strawberry)

(Def: Biscuit)

Oh dear!
(Def: I did something that wasn't supposed to happen)

(Def: I made a mistake)

This boy's vocab is sure taking off! He's sooooo cute!!

I am currently reading Charlotte's Web to Mop and she loves it. She really gets into the book, though she does get a bit restless on the pages that have no pictures.
Today she was really funny, she came into the lounge and said "I would like to make Apricot Balls" - I was like "What??" ... but decided to humour her. I said "Ok, find me the recipe." and out she comes with the recipe on the side of the weet bix box. So I humoured her some more, and told her she had to get all the ingredients out. She came back in five minutes later saying "I can't reach the honey" I went into the kitchen and found all the other ingredients on the bench except the honey. She did most of it, I rolled them and operated the heavy machinery (food processor) but she did the rest. Clever girl. She is so proud of her balls. She fed one to E who demolished it in three gulps - I don't think he even tasted it. I must admit they are pretty good. I might get her to make them for goodie bags at Christmas time.

I've started preparing for Christmas. I began my gift list, culling it once more since finances will be tight for us this year. It's not culled dramatically, just deciding to give families with lots of kids a baked goodie bag instead of presents for each of the kids.
I love Christmas, and I love thinking up all sorts of wonderful things to buy. My favourite person to buy for is my Mum - she loves EVERYTHING you give her. (Bar the year my dad gave her some crappy dog toy for a gift) I hate buying for my inlaws (who are sooooo hard to buy for it's not funny) and my nieces because my SIL's family buy absolutely everything for those kids, and it's hard to come up with stuff they don't have. This year however I was thinking of buying the 2 girls a small aquarium with some pet fish. I bet the 3 Aunts and Nanna didn't think of THAT one this year.

Christmas will be at my place this year, and I can't wait. It will be a non-traditional fare this time. I will be making my own Crackers and filling them with trinkets that people will actually like and jokes that are actually funny.

Why all this talk of Christmas??? Didn't you know it's less than half a year away now!

DARN!! I have to go, I am supposed to be half way down Adams Rd picking up my man from the train... I am going to be sooo late.


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