Jun 18, 2007

Congratulations Paul Potts.



He won!! And so he should too!!

Well if he ever finds this Blog, Paul Potts, you da man! If you can make a grown man (a reknown tough nut) blubber his flippin eyes out everytime he sees you perform, you have more power in that voice than you will ever know!!

This old girl is going ok.
Feeling good. Apart from ripping my shoulder muscle trying to drag E up from the carpark floor - he laid down because he didn't want to leave. Nice one kid.
He's talking more, he has excellent manners. When he burps I say "Pardon!" and he started saying pardon after me. He said Please when asking my Mum for a biscuit twice! So he's listening to the Moplette and learning!
He also learned Ratbag last night - thanks Mop.

He finally cut one eye-tooth and the second one is minutes away from bursting forth. Thank goodness!

Ok well that's all folks for now...

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